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The discovery of new practices and the development of new ideas to improve the engineering-construction industry characterize the Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) program research objectives. The CEM program actively engages in a diverse research agenda providing graduate and undergraduate students unique opportunities to participate in leading-edge research efforts. Funding from sources including the National Science Foundation, the Federal Highway Administration, the Department of Energy, the Construction Industry Institute, and private industry provide faculty and graduate students with continuous opportunities to explore the latest issues and challenges in the industry.

The need to deliver projects with reduced budgets and schedules while ensuring quality, safety, and societal benefits is challenging. The trends of globalization, sustainability, and the increased complexity of modernization has created the demand for new approaches to project delivery. It is because of these needs and challenges that CEM’s central focus of its research effort is High Performance Project Delivery (HPPD). The HPPD research addresses these needs with a unique perspective that integrates organizational and project management research. CEM students work closely with the faculty in this emerging research area to develop the next generation of project delivery solutions.

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To learn more about CEM’s current research projects, please contact: Dr. Keith Molenaar.