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Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) is a program within the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering. This flexible program offers students the ability to earn a degree in civil or architectural engineering while gaining a specialization in construction management.

The undergraduate program enables students to select a focus in architectural engineering, taking courses with a vertical or building emphasis, or civil engineering, taking courses detailing horizontal or infrastructure engineering. In either discipline, students balance their core requirements with a concentration in construction management that includes course work in areas such as contract administration, scheduling and planning, cost engineering, construction equipment and methods, and construction surveying. Operating with this flexibility, the program bridges both architectural and civil engineering degrees with construction management and provides students a more well-rounded educational experience.

At the graduate level, the CEM program is available as an emphasis within the Civil or Architectural Engineering disciplines. Many of our students are pursuing additional degrees to enhance their current careers with advanced construction topics. Students are able to balance core construction courses that range from globalization to project controls along with business and technical electives allowing them to focus their education on specific career objectives. Graduates who are preparing for a career in academia or research are able to participate in research projects, establishing a strong foundation for success in a research-focused career.