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Construction Engineering and Management students and faculty are involved in a number of outreach efforts, both nationally and internationally. Below are some of the highlights of a few of these efforts.

Engineers Without Borders
Nepal Project
Namsaling, Ilam District, Nepal

Namsaling is a rural farming community in the hill region of eastern Nepal. Although Namsaling has well established agricultural areas and the potential to grow valuable cash crops, the area has little transportation or commercial infrastructures to allow for income generation. The people of Namsaling, through Namsaling Community Development Center (NCDC), identified safe drinking water and health related needs as primary concerns to improve health conditions and create potential income generation opportunities in their community development plan. In 2007, the Engineers Without Borders, University of Colorado at Boulder student chapter began working with Namsaling community members and NCDC to improve lifestyle, health conditions, and create potential income generating opportunities.

Safe Water Plan
The Engineers Without Borders - CU team is in the process of consulting with the community to develop these components into a safe drinking water plan. The plan involves providing engineering consulting for the Namsaling community spring source protection program, providing water quality testing options and training, improving distribution systems and providing education and materials for point-of-use household treatment options. The plan may also include developing large scale treatment plans for the 11 schools within the community.

While there is grid power in parts of Namsaling, more than half of the households are too far from the power lines and have no electrical power available to them. Additionally, those households fortunate enough to be connected to the grid have intermittent power - power is off for 8 or more hours a day. In May 2008, the team taught schoolchildren to design and build light- emitting diode (LED) lights for their classroom enabling them to conduct school when it is dark.

If you would like to know more about Engineers Without Borders (EWB), University of Colorado Boulder Student Chapter, please visit the CU EWB student chapter website.