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  • Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering - CEAE

  • Engineers Without Borders - CU Chapter

  • ASCE Student Chapter
    The American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter promotes the advancement of civil engineering by fostering the close association of students with the engineering profession and the society; to acquaint students with topics of interest in civil engineering through the medium of competent speakers and of chapter sponsored trips; to foster the development of professional spirit, to promote the common interests among students and to encourage the expansion of facilities for civil engineering study.


  • Associated General Contractors (AGC) Student Chapter
    University of Colorado Student Group

    The AGC student chapter focuses on student interaction with the local and national construction industry. The group facilitates interviews for internships and full-time employment in construction. The student group also attends conventions, tours active construction sites, organizes dinner meetings with contractors, competes in student project competitions and hosts an annual industry – student golf tournament. The group is advised by Matthew Morris.