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Further extending the advantages of industry partnerships, Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) is committed to providing internship opportunities to all students. Internships provide all participants, including industry, students and the CEM program, benefits such as improved learning and industry experiences. Students gain real life construction experience helping them connect classroom learning with professional practice. Employers, not only gain the benefit of having future construction engineers contributing on their project sites, but gain early insight into students for possible permanent employment. Faculty benefits most in the classroom. During a recent senior survey conducted by the CEM program, students expressed completing an internship contributed to their classroom studies and enriched the time spent in class. Currently the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering is exploring the possibility of making an internship a formal requirement for graduation.

What the students are saying...

"All civil majors should be required to complete at least two summers worth of internships in a civil related field - either engineering or construction.  I cannot stress enough how valuable my work experience was and how much it has contributed to my overall educational experience." 

"I learned a lot about what the working world is like. Internships are a great way to learn more."

"Internships are very useful for students in engineering.  It allows both parties to view what they want in employment."