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CVEN 5206 (3 credits). Design Development.
Investigates the interrelationship between design decisions and building costs, and the impact of each major building system and building trade on project budgets, and schedules. Gives students the opportunity to prepare technical, marketing, and financial packages for investors as well as regulatory and financial institutions. Culminates with detailed presentations of student-developed project prospectuses.

CVEN 5216 (3 credits). Applied Construction Financial Management.
¬†Interpreting commonly used financial reports in the construction engineering industry sector will be taught. Skills developed in this course will better prepare students to become competent consumers of financial information utilizing the same to influence future results the construction business. Models for financing public and private sector projects will also be explored. 

CVEN 5226 (3 credits). Safety and Quality.
Comprehensively studies quality and safety in the construction industry. Statistical techniques for quality assurance and control will be reviewed and applied on active construction projects. The course also extensively focuses on advanced safety management issues such as accident causation theory, economic modeling, safety risk quantification and analysis, design for safety, and emerging technologies. Skills developed in this course will prepare graduate students to be effective quality and safety managers on dynamic and complex projects.

CVEN 5246 (3 credits). Legal Aspects of Construction.
Applies law in engineering practice; contracts, construction contract documents, construction specification writing, agency, partnership, and property; types of construction contracts; and legal responsibilities and ethical requirements of the professional engineer.

CVEN 5276 (3 credits). Engineering Risk and Decision Analysis.
Acquaints students with the fundamental principles and techniques of risk and decision analysis. Oriented toward project-level decisions in which risk or uncertainty plays a central role. Introduces students to Monte Carlo analyses, influence diagrams, and various types of multi-criteria decision analyses. Culminates in a larger term project.

CVEN 5286 (3 credits). Design Construction Operations.
Considers topics associated with the effective and efficient design of construction operations. Topics include construction productivity measurement systems, methods improvement, and short interval scheduling. Introduces and applies several computer-based simulation techniques to real-world problems. Concludes with a discussion of quality control and quality assurance emphasizing statistical QC procedures.

CVEN 5346 (3 credits). Managing Construction Engineering Projects and Organizations
Explores organizational and managerial issues and concerns facing executives in engineering and construction organizations.  Through readings, case studies, simulation exercises, and projects, students are introduced to and apply concepts of strategy, core competencies, vision, innovation, team dynamics, interpersonal influence, organizational design issues, and global projects to engineering and construction organizations.

CVEN 5836 (1-3 credits). Special Topics for Seniors/Grads.
Supervised study of special topics of interest to students under instructor guidance. May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours.