Asian Studies

Degree BA

The Asian Studies Program offers a broad interdisciplinary undergraduate major in Asian studies. In addition, a number of departments offer graduate training with an emphasis on Asia.

Students planning to major in Asian studies may participate in study abroad programs with prior approval from the Asian Studies Program and the Office of International Education.

For additional information on the major program, contact Tim Weston at 303-492-3526.

Bachelor’s Degree Program +

Students must complete the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences and the required courses listed below.

Required Courses Semester Hours
ASIA 1000 Introduction to South and Southeast Asian Studies or HIST 1408 Introduction to South Asian History 3
EALC 1011 Introduction to Traditional East Asian Civilizations or EALC 1021 East Asian Civilizations: Modern Period 4
Two courses in Asian history 3/3
Three semesters of a single Asian language 9-15
ASIA 4830 Senior Thesis or Project in Asian Studies 3

Complete additional credit hours to accumulate the 40 credits needed for the major. At least 18 credit hours must be in upper-division courses and at least one course must be taken in both the humanities and social science. Select from the following approved Asian studies courses.

Approved Asian Studies Courses +

Most classes are offered for 3 credit hours. Not all classes are taught every semester or even every year. Other courses (including some study abroad courses) with primarily Asia-related content may be taken for major credit with the faculty advisor’s approval.

ANTH 1100 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Tamils
ANTH 1105 Exploring a Non-Western Culture:  Tibet
ANTH 1110 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Japan
ANTH 4690 Anthropology of Tibet
ANTH 4750 Culture and Society in South Asia
ANTH 4760 Ethnography of Southeast Asia and Indonesia
ARAB 1010,1020 Beginning Arabic
ARAB 2110, 2120 Intermediate Arabic
ARAB 3010 Advanced Arabic
ARAB 3230 Islamic Culture and the Iberian Peninsula
ARTH 2409 Introduction to Asian Art
ARTH 3609 East Asian Ceramics
ARTH 3619 Chinese Painting
ARTH 3629 The Arts of Japan
ARTH 4029 Art of Islam
ARTH 4449 Art of India and Southeast Asia
ARTH 4469/5469 Chinese Painting
ARTH 4499/5499 Arts of Vietnam
ASIA 1000 South and Southeast Asian Civilizations
ASIA 4300 Open Topics
ASIA 4830 Senior Thesis or Project in Asian Studies
ASIA 4840 Independent Study
ASIA 4930 Engage Asia: Internship in Asian Studies
CHIN 1010, 1020 First-Year (Beginning) Chinese
CHIN 1051 Masterpieces of Chinese Literature in Translation
CHIN 1061 Voices and Images of Chinese Women
CHIN 2110, 2120 Second-Year (Intermediate) Chinese
CHIN 2441 Film and the Dynamics of Chinese Culture
CHIN 3110, 3120 Third-Year (Advanced) Chinese 1 and 2
CHIN 3311 The Dao and the World in Medieval China
CHIN 3321 Culture and Literature of Ancient China
CHIN 3331 Culture and Literature of Late Imperial China
CHIN 3341 Modern Chinese Literature in Translation
CHIN 3351 Reality and Dream in Traditional Chinese Fiction
CHIN 3361 Women and the Supernatural in Chinese Literature
CHIN 3371 Topics in Chinese Film
CHIN 3441 Language and Chinese Society
CHIN 3451 Language and Gender in China
CHIN 4110, 4120 Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese 1 and 2
CHIN 4210 Introduction to Classical Chinese
CHIN 4220 Readings in Classical Chinese
CHIN 4300 Open Topics in Chinese Literature
CHIN 4750 Daoism
CHIN 4900 Independent Study
CHIN 4950 Honor Thesis
EALC 1011 Introduction to Traditional East Asian Civilizations
EALC 1021 Introduction to Modern East Asian Civilizations
EALC 4930 Internship
ECON 4433 Economics of the Pacific Area
EMUS 1467/3467 Japanese Gamelan Ensemble
EMUS 2772 World Musics: Asia
FILM 2513 Major Asian Filmmakers
FRSI 1010, 1020 Beginning Farsi
FRSI 2010, 2020 Intermediate Farsi
FRSI 3010, 3020 Advanced Farsi
GEOG 3822 Geography of China
GEOG 4822 Environment and Development in China
HIND 1010, 1020 Beginning Hindi
HIND 1011 Indian Civilization
HIND 2010, 2020 Intermediate Hindi
HIND 2441 Screening India: A History of Bollywood Cinema
HIND 3010, 3020 Advanced Hindi
HIND 3651 Living Indian Epics
HIND 3661 South Asian Diasporas
HIND 3811 Subversive Indo-Pakistani Literature
HIND 3821 Mahabharata as Literature
HIND 3831 Krishna in South Asian Literature
HIST 1408 Introduction to South Asian History
HIST 1608 Introduction to Chinese History
HIST 1708 Introduction to Japanese History
HIST 2166 The Vietnam Wars
HIST 2629 China in World History
HIST 3328 Seminar in Middle Eastern History
HIST 3628 Seminar in Recent Chinese History
HIST 3718 Seminar in Japanese History
HIST 4109 WWII in Asia and the Pacific
HIST 4166 The War in Vietnam and Its Legacy
HIST 4328 Modern Middle East
HIST 4528 Islam in South and Southeast Asia
HIST 4538 History of Modern India
HIST 4558 Modern Indian Intellectual History
HIST 4618 Traditional China
HIST 4619 Women in Asian History
HIST 4628 Modern China
HIST 4638 Contemporary China
HIST 4648 History of Modern Chinese Intellectual Thought
HIST 4658 China and Islam
HIST 4718 Ancient, Classical, and Medieval Japanese History
HIST 4728 Modern Japanese History
HIST 4738 History of Early Modern Japan
INDO 1010, 1020 Beginning Indonesian
INDO 1011 Introduction to Indonesian Civilization
INDO 2010, 2020 Intermediate Indonesian
INDO 3010, 3020 Advanced Indonesian
JOUR 4871 Asian Media Systems
JPNS 1010, 1020 Beginning Japanese
JPNS 1051 Masterpieces of Japanese Literature in Translation
JPNS 2110, 2120 Intermediate Japanese
JPNS 2441 Film and Japanese Culture
JPNS 3110, 3120 Advanced Japanese
JPNS 3441 Language and Japanese Society
JPNS 3811 Classical Japanese Literature in Translation
JPNS 3821 Medieval Japanese Literature in Translation
JPNS 3831 Early Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
JPNS 3841 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
JPNS 4030 Japanese Syntax
JPNS 4070 Second Language Acquisition of Japanese
JPNS 4080 Kanji in Japanese Orthography
JPNS 4110, 4120 Readings in Modern Japanese
JPNS 4210 Contemporary Japanese 1
JPNS 4220 Contemporary Japanese 2
JPNS 4300 Readings in Japanese Literature
JPNS 4310, 4320 Classical Japanese
JPNS 4900 Independent Study
JPNS 4950 Honors Thesis
INDO 1010 Beginning Indonesian 1
INDO 1020 Beginning Indonesian 2
INDO 2010 Intermediate Indonesian 1
KREN 1010, 1020 Beginning Korean
KREN 1011 Introduction to Korean Civilization
KREN 2110, 2120 Intermediate Korean
KREN 3110 Advanced Korean 1
KREN 3120 Advanced Korean 2
KREN 3441 Religion and Culture in Korea
KREN 4900 Independent Study
MUEL 2772 World Musics: Asia
MUSC 4152 East Asian Music
PSCI 3072 Government and Politics in Southeast Asia
PSCI 4028 Special Topics: Politics of Contemporary Japan
PSCI 4052 Political Systems of China, Japan, and Korea
RLST 2610 World Religions: India
RLST 2620 World Religions: China and Japan
RLST 3200 Hinduism
RLST 3300 Foundations of Buddhism
RLST 3400 Japanese Religions
RLST 3600 Islam
RLST 3800 Chinese Religions
RLST 4200 Topics in Hinduism
RLST 4250/5250 Topics in Buddhism
RLST 4650 Islam and the Modern World
RLST 4700/5700 Confucianism
RLST 4750/5750 Daoism
RLST 4760 Sufism
WMST 3220 Women in Islam
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