Western Civilization Studies

The Center for Western Civilization (CWC) offers an undergraduate certificate program, Foundations of Western Civilization, for students interested in a rigorous grounding in Western culture. The certificate promotes critical reflection and academic research on the traditions and issues that characterize Western civilization through the study of Western culture, science, and government in their ancient, medieval, and modern forms. It helps students understand their role as citizens in a nation founded on the ancient ideals of consensual rule and republican government.  

Course code for this program is CWCV.

Certificate Program

Certificate in Foundations of Western Civilization

The interdisciplinary curriculum of over 30 courses taught by faculty in departments that include classics, English, history, philosophy, religious studies, and Germanic languages and literatures. The certificate requires the completion with a grade of C- or better of eight courses (24 credit hours), of which 12 credit hours must be at the upper-division level. Up to three courses (or 9 credit hours) may come from the student’s major. In addition, students must fulfill the requirements for a BA in their major in a school or college at the University of Colorado. For more information on the program, requirements, and current course offerings (www.colorado.edu/cwc), contact CWC Director Robert Pasnau at 303-492-4837 or pasnau@colorado.edu.