INVST Community Studies

Consistent with their vision for a just and sustainable world, INVST Community Studies program develops engaged citizens and leaders who work for the benefit of humanity and the environment. INVST Community Studies innovatively operates as a community-based organization, practicing service learning and participatory education. In order to fulfill this mission, the program offers:

  • a comprehensive two-year Community Leadership Program (CLP) focused on developing community leaders who engage in compassionate action as a lifetime commitment;
  • Community Studies electives that foster civic responsibility and leadership potential;
  • a Public Achievement Program for local primary and secondary school students; and
  • a Youth Council for Public Policy that empowers young people to use the democratic process as a tool for positive social change. 

The INVST CLP is the flagship program that offers a unique and transformational educational experience to all majors. Each year the INVST CLP admits a small group of students who are committed to making a positive difference with their lives. The two-year program is designed to cultivate deep understanding about issues facing people and the planet, and to provide skills and experiences for community leaders to fulfill progressive visions for change. Specifically, students participate in theory classes, skills-training classes, and two summer service-learning experiences, one domestic and one international. In addition, students intern six hours each week with community-based organizations during their first academic year, and collectively design, implement, and evaluate community leadership projects during their second academic year. Students learn and serve together in a small group environment throughout the program. Applications for the INVST CLP are due every year in February. For more information, call 303-492-7719.

Course code for this program is INVS.