LAWS-7065 (3-4) Immigration and Citizenship Law

Covers legal issues pertaining to noncitizens of the United States, especially their right to enter and remain as immigrants and nonimmigrants. Topics include admission and exclusion, deportation, and refugees and political asylum. Approaches topics from various perspectives, including constitutional law, statutory interpretation, planning, ethics, history, and policy. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7079 (2) Wrongful Convictions

Focuses on the issues and remedies in cases of people who have been convicted, whose traditional appellate remedies have been exhausted, and who continue to claim actual innocence. Preference given to those who have taken or are taking more criminal procedure courses.

LAWS-7085 (2) Law and Religion

Uses judicial decisions as well as historical and theoretical materials to explore significant aspects of the relationship between law and religion. The religion clauses of the First Amendment are a central but not exclusive subject of study. Offered in alternate years.

LAWS-7095 (2) Women in Law

Explores the role of women in the legal system by looking at women as parties, jurors, witnesses, lawyers, law professors, and judges. Explores the relationship of law and society to women as victims and offenders. Investigates law and society's response to adoption, lesbian/gay issues, rape, surrogate and bad mothers, and sexual harassment.

LAWS-7100 (2-3) International Criminal Law: Theory and Practice

Exposes students to the rapidly growing body of jurisprudence, both international and national, wherein international humanitarian and human rights law are being applied for the purposes of prosecution, trial and punishment of individuals alleged to be responsible for the commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and, more recently, terrorism. Prereq., LAWS 6400.

LAWS-7101 (4) Deals: Engineering Financial Transactions

Explores the business lawyer's role in creating valueby helping clients identify, assess, and manage business risks through efficient contract design while achieving the optimal legal, tax or regulatory treatment for the deal. Includes case studies of actual transactions.

LAWS-7102 (2-3) Oil and Gas

Deals with the legal problems associated with private arrangements for the ownership and development of oil and gas: deeds and leases to oil and gas rights, trespass, adverse possession, implied covenants in leases, conveyances of fractional interests, and the interaction of private rights and conservation regulation. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7105 (3) Family Law

Focuses on nature of marriage, actions for annulment and divorce, problems of alimony and property division, separation agreements, and custody of children. Also considers illegitimacy, abortion, contraception, the status of married women in common law and under modern statutes, and relations of parent and child. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7106 (1-2) Moot Court Competition

Offers an intensive involvement in legal research, appellate brief writing, and oral arguments in a competitive context. Student finalists may continue involvement in regional and national competitions. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7111 (3) Contract Theory: Collisions of Contracting and Culture

Explores various contract theories and principles emanating from classical and neoclassical law, legal realism, law and economics, critical legal studies,law and society, relational theory, and others. Considers and critiques these theories as applied to particular contracting cultures, especially as applied to construction contracts.

LAWS-7115 (2) Juvenile Justice

Covers a wide array of issues dealing with the legal rights of the unborn, children, and juveniles. Covers the legal status of parent-child abuse, delinquency and crime, and emancipation. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7121 (3) Advanced Contracts: Commercial Transactions

Studies Article 2 and Article 2A of the Uniform Commercial Code, together with the Convention and the International Sale of Goods. Advanced contracts topics are explored in depth. Among other subjects, warranties, title, remedies, and risk of loss in the sale of lease of goods will be studied.

LAWS-7122 (2-3) Mining and Energy Law

Addresses major issues affecting the development of mineral resources through mining activity. Includes the regulation of the impacts of mining on the environment on both public and private land. Covers the Mining Law of 1872, the Federal Coal Leasing Amendments, and state regulation of the impacts of mining on the environment.

LAWS-7125 (2) Advanced Domestic Relations

Offers advanced study of several domestic relations subjects, including both theoretical and lawyering issues. Tentative subjects include discovery, client interviewing and deposition preparation, asset valuation, working with expert witnesses, children as clients, and alternative dispute resolution. Recommended prereq., LAWS 7105.

LAWS-7128 (2-4) Jurisprudence

Addresses a number of fundamental questions, such as: What is law? What should it be? How is it created? Our readings consist of cutting-edge articles from leading modernist/postmodernist schools of thought including legal formalism, legal realism, interpretive theory, law and economics, feminist jurisprudence, critical legal studies, and law and literature. Same as LAWS 8128.

LAWS-7132 (3) Energy, Insecurity, Sustainable Law

Examines why national security deals not only with armed aggression and the ability to thwart military invasions or subversion, but also includes critical threats to vital national and international support systems such as the economy, energy, and the environment.

LAWS-7135 (3) Parent, Child, and State

Examines the legal rights of parents and children in a constitutional framework, as well as the state's authority to define and regulate the parent-child relationship. Addresses rights of parents and children to freedom of expression and religious exercise, termination of parental rights and adoption, paternity orientation, and culture in defining the family.

LAWS-7145 (3) Comparative Family Law

Examines and critiques law, legal institutions and traditions of the country of focus and the US as they affect children, families, and work. Enhances research and writing skills, including field and international research. Contributes to host country through scholarship and service. Increases cultural competence through active engagement with peers and with social justice issues in another country. Includes required field study component and service learning project over spring break. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7154 (3) Land Use Planning

Explores mechanisms for public control of private land uses, such as planning, zoning, and regulation of land development; including consideration of federal and state constitutional and statutory limitations on local governments. Offered in alternate years.

LAWS-7159 (2) Advanced Trial Advocacy

Offers an advanced course covering trial practice elements. Open only to students who have taken LAWS 6109. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7164 (2) Land Conservation Law

Focuses on private land conservation efforts in the United States, and particularly Colorado, and also considers public land conservation programs. Analyzes real property principles and instruments used to protect land, and the development and acceptance of conservation easements in gross as a mechanism for protection, financing mechanisms for land conservation, including direct government funding and indirect funding through tax incentives at the federal, state and local levels. Understanding of Real Property and Tax concepts helpful.

LAWS-7169 (2) Motions Advocacy

Provides practical training in preparing and arguing pretrial, post-trial, and chambers motions to an experienced federal judge based on materials from actual case files. Assigns some research papers. Limited to 15 third-year students with interest in trial advocacy and willingness to participate in confrontational exercises. Counts as practice hours. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7200 (3) Anthropology of Law

Reviews the relationship between the social and cultural features of both developed and developing country societies and the formal and informal legal institutions within them. Considers the nature of social control and constraint, judicial reasoning, fact finding, conciliation, mediation and arbitration, and legal discourse.

LAWS-7201 (3) Antitrust

Studies American competition policy: collaborations among competitors, including agreements on price and boycotts, definition of agreement, monopolization, vertical restraints such as resale price maintenance, and territorial confinement of dealers. Same as TLEN 5270. Offered in alternate years.