CVEN-1317 (2) Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering

Surveys the broad subject of civil and environmental engineering and professional practice. Includes the subdisciplines of structures, water resources, geotechnics, transportation, environment, and construction. Discusses professional ethics, important skills for engineers, and the engineering design process as it fulfills multiple objectives.

CVEN-3227 (3) Probability, Statistics and Decision

Introduces uncertainty based analysis concepts and applications in the planning and design of civil engineering systems emphasizing probabilistic, statistics, and design concepts and methods. Restricted to juniors/seniors.

CVEN-4087 (3) Construction Contract Administration

Students will develop a working understanding of the various types of contracts, key contract provisions, how to evaluate contract risk, ethical requirements, and most importantly explore effective contract administration. Construction and engineering contracts are at the core of all project relationships. Through lecture, group dialog and case studies students will develop confidence in their ability to assess, understand and deploy contract administration in a construction setting. Prereq., senior standing in civil or architectural engineering or instructor consent.

CVEN-4147 (3) Civil Engineering Systems

Theory and application of the principles of engineering economics, and classical and metaheuristic optimization techniques for evaluating problems in civil and environmental engineering. Same as CVEN 5147. Prerequisites: Restricted to students with 87-180 credits (Senior, Fifth Year Senior) College of Engineering majors only.

CVEN-4537 (3) Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering

Introduces the use of numerical methods in the solution of civil engineering problems, emphasizing obtaining solutions with high-speed electronic computers. Applies methods to all types of civil engineering problems. Prereq., senior standing. Same as CVEN 5537.

CVEN-5147 (3) Civil Engineering Systems

Same as CVEN 4147. Prerequisites: Restricted to Graduate Students only.

CVEN-5537 (3) Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering

Prereq., graduate standing. Same as CVEN 4537. Prerequisites: Restricted to Graduate Students only.

CVEN-5837 (3) Special Topics for Seniors/Grads

Supervised study of special topics of interest to students under instructor guidance. Prereq., instructor consent.

CVEN-5939 (3) Sustainable Community Development Field Practicum

Provides a supervised in-field practicum experience in which the student applies theories and concepts learned in Sustainable Community Development I and II (CVEN 5919 and 5929). Prereqs., CVEN 5919 and 5929 or instructor consent. Restricted to students with EDC sub-plan. Prerequisites: Restricted to students with EDC Sub-Plan.