AREN-1027 (3) Engineering Drawing

Introduces engineering drawing including sections and dimensioning, print readings, and computer 3D modeling. Prerequisites: Restricted to students with 0-56 credits (Freshmen or Sophomore) Engineering Physics (EPEN), Architectural (AREN) or Civil (CVEN) Engineering majors only.

AREN-1037 (3) Building Information Modeling

Learn to develop and communicate physical information using three-dimensional graphical systems including Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Models (BIM). Learn to dimension and scale physical systems and interpret scaled drawings. Get experience with industry standard software tools (REVIT) used to produce design and construction documents, and apply BIM and CAD tools in a project producing scaled 3-D drawings.

AREN-1316 (2) Introduction to Architectural Engineering

Surveys the broad subject of architectural engineering and professional practices. Includes professional design services, design documents, methods of construction delivery, materials for construction, codes and standards, life safety, professional ethics, structural systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and building systems integration. Prerequisites: Restricted to students with 0-56 (Freshmen or Sophomore) College of Engineering majors only.

AREN-4317 (5) Architectural Engineering Design

Provides a capstone experience to AREN students. Students design a modest commercial building and complete an integrated engineering design of the building systems executed for the conceptual, schematic, and design development phases. Students' teams work on structural, mechanical, electrical/lighting, and construction engineering management design. Each stage produce a professional-quality design document. Faculty and industry mentors participate in the teaching and evaluation of designs. Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite courses of AREN 3010, CVEN 3246, CVEN 3525, and AREN 3540 (all min grade C-). Requires a pre-requisite or co-requisite course of AREN 4570.