AIRR-1010 (1) Foundations of the United States Air Force 1

One 1-hour lecture and one 2-hour lab per week. Introduces students to the U.S. Air Force and the USAF officer profession. Uses instructor lectures, filmsand videos, and group activities to examine Air Force issues, officership qualities, and military customs and courtesies. Emphasizes the communication skills necessary for an Air Force officer.

AIRR-2010 (1) The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power 1

One 1-hour lecture and one 2-hour lab per week. Studies air power from balloons and dirigibles through the jet age and historically reviews air power employment in military and nonmilitary operations in support of national objectives. Looks at the evolution of air power concepts and doctrine and introduces the development of communicative skills.

AIRR-3010 (3) Air Force Leadership Studies I

Two 1 1/2-hour seminars plus one 2-hour lab per week.Provides an integrated management course emphasizingconcepts and skills required by the successful manager and leader. Includes individual motivational and behavioral processes, leadership, communication, and group dynamics while providing foundation for the development of the junior officer's professional skills (officership). Emphasizes decision making and use of analytic aids in planning, organizing and controlling in a changing environment. Discusses organizational and personal values (ethics), management of change, organizational power, politics, managerial strategy, and tactics within the context of military organization. Uses actual Air Force case studies throughout the course to enhance the learning and communication process.

AIRR-3020 (3) Air Force Leadership Studies II

Two 1 1/2-hour seminars and one 2-hour lab per week. Continuation of AIRR 3010. Emphasizes basic managerial processes while employing group discussions, case studies, and role playing as learning devices. Continues to emphasize the development of communicative skills.

AIRR-4010 (3) National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty

Two 1 1/2-hour seminars and one 2-hour lab per week. Studies U.S. national security policy which examines the formulation, organization, and implementation of national security policy; context of national security; evolution of strategy; management of conflict; and civil-military interaction. Also includes blocks of instruction on the military profession/officership, the military justice system, and communicative skills. Provides future Air Force officers with the background of U.S. national security policy so they can effectively function in today's Air Force.

AIRR-4020 (3) National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society 2

Two 1 1/2-hour seminars and one 2-hour lab per week. a continuation of AIRR 4010. Includes defense strategy conflict management, formulation/implementation of U.S. defense policy, and organizational factors and case studies in policy making, military law, uniform code of military justice, and communication skills.