BADM-1250 (1) First Year Seminar for Business

Surveys the entire undergraduate experience and includes topics, issues, and practices that focus on the professional, academic, and leadership growth of a business student. It addresses how to make an effective transition to college and puts students on a path to become well-rounded, engaged and globally-minded. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to take advantage of all the opportunities and support services available to them while learning to balance the challenges and expectations of their business degree. A sample of the topics covered include: transition to college, dealing with academic rigor, developing a professional tool kit--resume and cover letter preparation, interview skills, project management, working in teams and public speaking--and preparing for the role as a global business leader. Prerequisites: Restricted to College of Business majors only.

BADM-1260 (2) First-Year Global Experience

In today's world of increased mobility, globally aware students have more choices for employment upon graduation and are immediately ready to contribute in global environments. They are aware of global issues and cultural differences, and their global mindset allows them to recognize good ideas from whenever they might come and new market/product opportunities wherever they might exist. This course is the first step toward the development of a global mindset. It provides a meaningful global experience to first-year business students through an in-depth perspective of a specific country or region outside the United States and a short academic trip to the region. Prerequisites: Restricted to College of Business majors only.

BADM-2010 (1) Excel Lab

Teaches beginner to intermediate level Excel skills, emphasizing efficient use of Excel to make sense of substantial data sets. The course is designed to increase students' proficiency with Excel through a series of hands-on workshops. The workshops have a business problem solving orientation and use real data from Leeds' corporate partners. The workshops emphasize the most important skills that employers value. Prerequisites: Restricted to College of Business majors only.

BADM-2050 (3) Honors/Special Topics

Variable topics in business, drawing from a variety of disciplines. Prereq., 3.50 minimum cumulative GPA.

BADM-2880 (3) Special Topics

Explores historical developments, contemporary issues, industry trends, and best practices pertinent to the business of sports. The course examines how sports enterprises are managed, and the impacts that such enterprises have on the economic and social fabric of communities. The course is designed to provide sufficient background for educated consumption of this literature and pursuit of further study if desired. Restricted to sophomores/juniors/seniors.

BADM-3100 (1) Professional Development

Designed to provide opportunities to understand and develop professional competencies for successful careers in business. Designed to increase knowledge of job search strategies and formulate a career management plan for transitioning to the worksplace. Topics such as resumes, cover letters, personal branding, job search strategies, internships, career choices, networking and social media will be covered. A Self-Marketing Plan will be developed to help focus on long-term career goals. Prerequisites: Restricted to students with 57-180 credits (Junior or Senior) Leeds School of Business (BUSN) majors only.

BADM-3880 (3) Special Topics

Introduces students to the many facets of the marketing of sport and marketing through sport. Theoretical and practical applications of marketing sport are examined. The course will provide students with an understanding of current marketing concepts, and best business practices, related to sports enterprises and a foundation for pursuit of further study and work in sports and event marketing. Restricted to juniors/seniors.

BADM-3930 (1-6) Internship

Student training and participation in government or industry environment under faculty supervision. Prereqs., BCOR 1000, 2000, 2010, 2050, GPA 2.50, junior standing and instructor consent.

BADM-4820 (1-6) Special Topics

Variable topics in business drawing from a variety of business disciplines. Prerequisites: Restricted to Business majors with 52-180 units completed.

BADM-4825 (3) Experimental Seminar

Offered irregularly to provide opportunity for investigation of new frontiers in Business Administration. Restricted to juniors/seniors.

BADM-4830 (1-3) Special Topics

Various topics in business and society drawing from a variety of business disciplines. Restricted to junior/senior BU majors. Prerequisites: Restricted to College of Business majors only.

BADM-4910 (2) VITA-Volunteer Tax Assistance

Offers students the opportunity to gain professional work experience in an accounting position while still in school. Provides academically relevant work experience that complements students' studies and enhances their career potential. Prereqs., BCOR 2000 and ACCT 4440 or ACCT 5440. Prerequisites: Restricted to Business majors with 52-180 units completed.

BADM-6820 (1-3) Topics in Business Administration

Offered irregularly to provide opportunity to investigate new topics in business administration.

BADM-6930 (3) Commercializing Sustainable Energy Technologies

Addresses the opportunities and problems of commercializing new renewable energy technologies. Focuses on energy markets, opportunity identification, life cycle analysis, policy economics, project financing, and economic analysis as they relate to bringing renewable energy technologies to market.