ENVD-2001 (3) Human Behavior in Design and Planning

Examines reciprocal relationships between people and their built and natural environments, tracing major issues and approaches in design research to understand how people are influenced by the environment and how they can create healthy, just, and livable places. Coreqs., ENVD 1004, 1052. Prerequisites: Restricted to Environmental Design majors only.

ENVD-3001 (3) Environment and Behavior

Examines the social and behavioral aspects of relationships between people and the designed environment. Gives special attention to antecedent factors (why we have the environments we do), implications of given arrangements for special population groups, and responses to incongruent environments. Open to nonmajors on a space available basis. Prerequisites: Restricted to Environmental Design majors only.

ENVD-4031 (3) Thinking Like a Mountain: A New Land Ethic

Critically reviews and analyzes land use policies, the ethics and economics of air and water pollution, regional sustainability, and resource management. Includes critical evaluation of empirical methodologies, and criteria of cultural and social equity. Prereq., junior or senior standing in the college.

ENVD-4311 (3) Housing Policies and Practices

A seminar providing students with a descriptive knowledge and analytical understanding of the use and development of residential settings in different political economies, globally divided into advanced capitalist nations, collectivist economies, and the third world. Prereq., ENVD 2130.

ENVD-4361 (1-6) Special Topics: Social Factors in Design

Addresses variable topics in the relationship of human experience and behavior to the built environment, e.g., social research methods in environmental design. Prereq., ENVD 2130. Prerequisites: Restricted to Environmental Design majors only.