ENVD-2003 (3) Ecology and Design

Introduces basic principles and techniques of ecology as they relate to the design and understanding of the built environment. Includes a study of hazards and the impact of modern technology on the natural and built environments. Prereqs., ENVD 1004, 1052, 2001. Coreqs., ENVD 1102, 1104. Prerequisites: Requires prerequisite courses of ENVD 1004, ENVD 1052, and ENVD 2001 (with min grade C- for all). Restricted to Environmental Design majors only.

ENVD-3003 (3) Site Planning

Introduces the site planning process including: site analysis and its relationship to building program and site concept, and preparation of site plans. Emphasis is placed on the planning of the physical site through a thorough understanding of process, land use, site constraints and synthesis of ecological, functional and aesthetic considerations in the site planning process. Prereqs., ENVD 2120, 3122, 3124. Coreqs., ENVD 2130, 3004. Prerequisites: Requires prerequisite courses of ENVD 2120, ENVD 3122, and ENVD 3124. Restricted to College of Architecture and Planning majors only.

ENVD-4023 (3) Environmental Impact Assessment

Provides a field-oriented seminar in current environmental impact controversies. Gives attention to history, theory, and application of impact analysis at state levels for designers, land-use planners, and others involved in resource decision making. Prereq., instructor consent. Open to nonmajors on a space available basis, by instructor consent. Prerequisites: Restricted to students with 87-180 credits (Senior, Fifth Year Senior) Environmental Design majors only.

ENVD-4233 (3) Environmental Aesthetics

Explores the interdisciplinary field of environmental aesthetics, examining the history of landscape tastes, theoretical approaches to the study of aesthetic responses, and contemporary attempts to incorporate matters of aesthetics in American planning. Emphasizes developing analytical and critical approaches to aesthetics in the public realm.

ENVD-4363 (1-6) Special Topics: Physical Factors in Environmental Design

Includes such topics as appropriate technology, public policy and natural hazards, organization of the designing and building process, and physical elements of urban development. Prereq., ENVD 2130. Prerequisites: Restricted to Environmental Design majors only.