BCOR-2500 (3) Introduction to Operations and Information Management

Takes a systems perspective in exploring the use of information, processes, and models used by businesses to produce goods and services and to effectively manage accounting, finance, human resources, strategy, supply chains/inventory, and other activities in a business. Focuses on making better business decisions faster through better business intelligence by using the right information, at the right time, provided to the right managers. Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite course of BCOR 1020 or MATH 2510 or ECON 3818 or APPM 3570 or 4570 or CHEN 3010 or CVEN 3227 or IPHY 2800 or MATH 4510 or PSCI 2075 or PSYC 3101. Restricted to Business majors with 13-180 units completed.