LING-7415 (2) Cognitive Science Research Practicum

Independent, interdisciplinary research project in cognitive science for advanced graduate students pursuing a joint Phd in an approved core discipline and cognitive science. Research projects integrate at least two areas within the cognitive sciences: psychology, computer science, linguistics, education, philosophy. Students need commitments from two mentors for their project. Prereq., CSCI 6402 or EDUC 6504 or LING 6200 or PHIL 6310 or PSYC 6200. Recommended prereq., CSCI 7762 or EDUC 6505 or LING 7762 or PHIL 7310 or PSYC 7762. Same as PSYC 7415, CSCI 7412, PHIL 7415, and EDUC 6506. Prerequisites: Restricted to Graduate Students only.