Writing and Rhetoric, Program for

The Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) is a free-standing unit in the College of Arts and Sciences responsible for campus-wide instruction in expository writing. The program coordinates and oversees all writing curricula and instruction intended to meet college and campus requirements, including efforts in specific disciplines and targeted campus programs.

The program is committed to training students to think critically about the texts they read and the writing they produce, and to enable them to shape and express ideas with clarity and grace in any context: academic, professional, or civic. Classes are generally conducted as intensive writing workshops, placing a premium on thoughtful, substantive revision. 

The program offers both lower-division and upper-division courses, as well as some graduate seminars. Certain undergraduate courses fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences written communication requirement, and some also fulfill graduation requirements in other colleges. Students should check with their advisors to be sure that they are taking the right course to fulfill their requirement. 

For information about specific classes and their instructors, students should visit www.colorado.edu/pwr.