Academic Excellence

Recognition of Scholarship

As a preprofessional program, the Program in Environmental Design provides an atmosphere for study and creative investigation. The program holds academic rigor and quality in the highest esteem. In recognition of high scholarship and professional attainment, the program grants scholarly honors at graduation.

Honors at Graduation

Students achieving a grade point average of 3.500 to 3.749 (honors) and 3.750 to 4.000 (special honors) are recognized at commencement. Honors are based on course work completed at the University of Colorado. A minimum of 70 hours of course work must be completed at CU to be eligible for honors.

Scholarships, Loans, Awards, and Prizes

A wide range of scholarships, prizes, and other awards are available to BEnvD students. They are sponsored by the program, the campus, the professions, and other foundations and donors.

In addition to these scholarships, interested students may participate in faculty-student research projects funded by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) programs, or in other research opportunities provided by the campus or in cooperation with the program's faculty.