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Undergraduate degrees include the bachelor of music (BM), the bachelor of arts in music (BA), and the bachelor of music education (BME). Students may also elect to earn a certificate in jazz studies or music technology in conjunction with their degree. In addition to a substantial core of studies in music, the BA in music program allows a wide choice of study in areas outside of music. BM areas of concentration include: composition, musicology, performance, and jazz studies. The major emphasis areas in the BME program are: choral, choral-general, instrumental, and instrumental-general.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students in the College of Music are normally declared as music majors before or at the beginning of their first semester. There is no minor in music.

Qualified students may receive both the bachelor of music and bachelor of music education degrees by taking the required extra work (approximately 30 additional semester credit hours). Intent to be admitted to candidacy for both degrees should be indicated as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the sophomore year. Students may also pursue double degrees in music and an outside field such as engineering, business, etc. Questions may be directed to the associate dean for undergraduate studies, College of Music, 303-735-2283, or

Graduate degrees include the master of music (MM), the master of music education (MME), doctor of musical arts (DMA), and doctor of philosophy (PhD). Major fields in the master of music and doctor of musical arts degrees are conducting, composition, music theory (MM only), jazz studies, pedagogy, and performance. The master of music education degree is designed to provide advanced instruction for teachers in the elementary and secondary schools. The PhD is a research degree for the fields of musicology and music education.

Graduate degrees are offered through the Graduate School and additional information can be found in the Graduate School section as well as in the curricula listed for the college. Correspondence regarding details not included in this publication should be directed to the associate dean for graduate studies, 303-492-2207 or