Faculty: Law

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Name Title Education
AARONSON, Norman F. clinical professor emeritus
BERNTHAL, J. Brad associate clinical professor

BA, University of Kansas; JD, University of Colorado

BOYD, William associate professor

BA, University of North Carolina; MA, PhD, University of California, Berkeley; JD, Stanford University

BRILLON, Alicia reference librarian; instructor

BA, MLIS, University of Washington; JD, Seattle University

BRISCOE, Georgia library associate; head of technical services;

BS, Washington State University; MA, University of San Diego; AMLS, University of Michigan

BRUFF, Harold Charles I. Thomson Professor of Law

BA, Williams College; JD, Harvard University

BRUNET MARKS, Alexia associate professor

BA, Colgate University; MS, PhD, Purdue University; JD, Northwestern University

CALHOUN, Emily professor

BA, MA, Texas Tech University; JD, University of Texas

CAMPOS, Paul F. professor

AB, MA, JD, University of Michigan

CANNER, Al legal writing professor

BA, Brandeis University; JD, University of Colorado

CANTRELL, Deborah director of clinical education; associate professor

BA, Smith College; MA, University of California, Los Angeles; JD, University of Southern California

CARPENTER, Kristen A. associate dean for faculty development; associate professor

BA, Dartmouth College; JD, Harvard University

CHAPIN, Violeta associate clinical professor

BA, Columbia University; JD, New York University

CHENG, Ming associate professor

AB, Harvard University; JD, New York University School of Law; PhD, University of California, Berekely

COLLINS, Richard B. professor

BA, Yale University; LLB, Harvard University

DESAUTELS-STEIN, Justin associate professor

BA, JD, University of North Carolina; LLM, Harvard University; MALD, Tufts University The Fletcher School

ENGLAND, Ann associate clinical professor

BA, JD, University of Michigan

FLEISCHER, Miranda P. associate professor

BA, Duke University; JD, University of Chicago; LLM, New York University

FLEISCHER, Victor associate professor

BA, JD, Columbia University

FURMAN, H. Patrick clinical professor emeritus
GAZUR, Wayne M. professor

BS, University of Wyoming; JD, University of Colorado; LLM, University of Denver

GERDING, Erik associate professor

AB, Duke University; JD, Harvard Law School

GRUBER, Aya associate professor

BA, University of California, Berkeley; JD, Harvard University

GURUSWAMI, Lakshman Nicholas Doman Professor of International Environmental Law; director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Security

LLB, Sri Lanka; PhD (Law), University of Durham, United Kingdom

HART, Melissa director of the Byron R. White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law; associate professor

BA, Harvard-Radcliffe; JD, Harvard University

HUANG, Peter professor and demuth chair

AB, Princeton University; SM and PhD, Harvard University; JD, University of Pennsylvania

JIANG, Yumin technical services librarian; instructor

BE, Peking University; MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MS, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

KIERNAN-JOHNSON, Derek H. legal writing professor

AB, Princeton University; JD, University of Michigan

KRAKOFF, Sarah A. professor

BA, Yale University; JD, University of California, Berkeley

LINZ, Robert library associate director; head of Public Services; instructor

BA, Wake Forest University; JD, University of Florida; MLIS, Florida State University

LOEWENSTEIN, Mark J. Monfort Professor of Commercial Law

AB, JD, University of Illinois

MACK, Natalie legal writing professor

BA, University of South Carolina; JD, University of Colorado

MATTHEW, Dayna professor

AB, Harvard-Radcliffe; JD, University of Virginia

MOSS, Scott associate professor

BA/MA, Stanford University; JD, Harvard University

MUELLER, Christopher B. Henry S. Lindsley Professor of Procedure and Advocacy

AB, Haverford College; JD, University of California, Berkeley

NAGEL, Robert F. Ira C. Rothgerber Jr. Chair in Constitutional Law

BA, Swarthmore College; JD, Yale University

NEVELOWMARTS, Susan Law library director, associate professor

BA, Univerisity of California, Santa Cruz; JD, University of California, Berkeley; ML.S, San Jose State University

NORTON, Helen associate professor; associate dean for academic affairs

BA, Stanford University; JD, University of California, Berkeley

OHM, Paul associate professor

BS, BA, Yale University; JD, University of California, Los Angeles

PANNELL, Alan reference librarian; instructor

BA, University of Oklahoma; MA, University of Arizona; JD, Western New England

PEPPET, Scott R. associate professor

BA, Cornell University; JD, Harvard University

RAMSEY, Carolyn professor

BA, University of California, Irvine; AM, JD, Stanford University

ROBINSON, Colene associate clinical professor

BA, Miami University of Ohio; JD, Loyola University, Chicago

SCHLAG, Pierre Byron R. White Professor of Constitutional Law

BA, Yale University; JD, University of California, Los Angeles

SCHMITZ, Amy J. associate professor

BA, Drake University; JD, University of Minnesota

SCHWARTZ, Andrew associate professor

ScB, Brown University; JD, Columbia University

SELDEN, Karen catalog librarian; instructor

BS, Pennsylvania State University; MLS, Simmons College

SOULES, Michael associate clinical professor

BA, University of Michigan; MA, University of California, Berkeley; JD, Yale Law School

SPAIN, Anna associate professor

BA, Denison University; JD, Harvard University

SQUILLACE, Mark director of the Natural Resources Law Center; professor

BS, Michigan State University; JD, University of Utah

STAFFORD, Gabrielle Marks legal writing professor

BA, University of Pennsylvania; JD, Boston University

STAFFORD, Todd M. director of Legal Writing Program, legal writing professor

BA, Southern Methodist University; JD, Duke University

STEUBEN, Norton Nicholas Rosenbaum Professor of Law emeritus
SURDEN, Harry associate professor

. BA, Cornell University; JD, Stanford University

THOMPSON, Jane library assistant director for faculty services, instructor

. BA, University of Missouri, Columbia; MA, MLL, JD, University of Denver

TOMPKINS, Jill E. clinical professor

BA, King’s College; JD, University of Maine

WEISER, Phiilip J. dean; director of the Silicon Flatirons Center; professor

BA, Swarthmore College; JD, New York University

WESSON, Marianne C. Wolf-Nichol Fellow; President’s Teaching Scholar; professor

AB, Vassar College; JD, University of Texas

WHITE, Ahmed associate dean for research; professor

BA, Southern University; JD, Yale University

WILKINSON, Charles Moses Lasky Professor of Law; distinguished university professor

BA, Denison University; LLB, Stanford University