Academic Excellence

Scholarships and Awards

A limited number of scholarships and awards are available for second- and third-year candidates within the School of Education to support study at the master’s and undergraduate levels. Each year a combination of teaching assistantships (TAs), research assistantships (RAs), other forms of graduate assistantships (GAs), and fellowships are available in the School of Education to support full-time doctoral study. The strongest doctoral applicants are nominated by the school for fellowships awarded by the Graduate School. Candidates apply in the spring semester for scholarships and awards for the following school year. Application procedures and deadlines are publicized. All materials are turned into the Office of Student Services (Education 151).

Students are eligible to apply for university-wide financial assistance through the Office of Financial Aid. State and federal programs are available for loan cancellation or forgiveness for Colorado teachers of certain subjects or who teach in designated schools serving students from low-income families. Information about these opportunities may be found at