School of Education

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Lorrie A. Shepard, dean
249 UCB • phone: 303-492-6937 • fax: 303-492-7090
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THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION provides teacher licensure programs that ensure rigorous content preparation and extensive field-based practicum experiences. Its graduate programs emphasize research that focuses on educational policy and practice. 


The licensure programs, both undergraduate and graduate, are fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. 


The mission of the School of Education includes several interconnected elements. Faculty conduct research to improve educational policies and classroom practice, prepare researchers at the doctoral level, educate teachers at the undergraduate and master’s levels in high quality programs, and provide exceptional outreach services to our partner school districts and Colorado. The School of Education has adopted the following priorities:

  • to promote the distinctive identity of the school by building on the already visible contributions of individual faculty members and by emphasizing our shared commitment to evidence-based policy and practice and to democracy, diversity, and social justice; 
  • to produce research that makes a difference by bringing rigorous research methods and analytic tools to bear in addressing the most pressing questions affecting educational policy and practice;
  • to prepare teachers who display a passionate commitment to ensuring every student learns, who embrace and demonstrate ethical behaviors and democratic dispositions, and who excel in their knowledge of subject matter, how people learn, the socio-cultural world of learners, standards-based curriculum design, learner-centered pedagogies and assessments, and the democratic context of schools;
  • to prepare graduate candidates who are well-trained in research methodology, expert in their area of specialization, and broadly knowledgeable about psychological, sociological, philosophical, and historical research affecting education;
  • to encourage candidates of color into teaching and research professions through recruitment and support; and 
  • to enhance the effectiveness of our partnership and outreach activities by fostering closer connections among teaching, research, and outreach commitments.