LAWS-7122 (2-3) Mining and Energy Law

Addresses major issues affecting the development of mineral resources through mining activity. Includes the regulation of the impacts of mining on the environment on both public and private land. Covers the Mining Law of 1872, the Federal Coal Leasing Amendments, and state regulation of the impacts of mining on the environment.

LAWS-7125 (2) Advanced Domestic Relations

Offers advanced study of several domestic relations subjects, including both theoretical and lawyering issues. Tentative subjects include discovery, client interviewing and deposition preparation, asset valuation, working with expert witnesses, children as clients, and alternative dispute resolution. Recommended prereq., LAWS 7105.

LAWS-7128 (2-4) Jurisprudence

Addresses a number of fundamental questions, such as: What is law? What should it be? How is it created? Our readings consist of cutting-edge articles from leading modernist/postmodernist schools of thought including legal formalism, legal realism, interpretive theory, law and economics, feminist jurisprudence, critical legal studies, and law and literature. Same as LAWS 8128.

LAWS-7132 (3) Energy, Insecurity, Sustainable Law

Examines why national security deals not only with armed aggression and the ability to thwart military invasions or subversion, but also includes critical threats to vital national and international support systems such as the economy, energy, and the environment.

LAWS-7135 (3) Parent, Child, and State

Examines the legal rights of parents and children in a constitutional framework, as well as the state's authority to define and regulate the parent-child relationship. Addresses rights of parents and children to freedom of expression and religious exercise, termination of parental rights and adoption, paternity orientation, and culture in defining the family.

LAWS-7145 (3) Comparative Family Law

Examines and critiques law, legal institutions and traditions of the country of focus and the US as they affect children, families, and work. Enhances research and writing skills, including field and international research. Contributes to host country through scholarship and service. Increases cultural competence through active engagement with peers and with social justice issues in another country. Includes required field study component and service learning project over spring break. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7154 (3) Land Use Planning

Explores mechanisms for public control of private land uses, such as planning, zoning, and regulation of land development; including consideration of federal and state constitutional and statutory limitations on local governments. Offered in alternate years.

LAWS-7159 (2) Advanced Trial Advocacy

Offers an advanced course covering trial practice elements. Open only to students who have taken LAWS 6109. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7164 (2) Land Conservation Law

Focuses on private land conservation efforts in the United States, and particularly Colorado, and also considers public land conservation programs. Analyzes real property principles and instruments used to protect land, and the development and acceptance of conservation easements in gross as a mechanism for protection, financing mechanisms for land conservation, including direct government funding and indirect funding through tax incentives at the federal, state and local levels. Understanding of Real Property and Tax concepts helpful.

LAWS-7169 (2) Motions Advocacy

Provides practical training in preparing and arguing pretrial, post-trial, and chambers motions to an experienced federal judge based on materials from actual case files. Assigns some research papers. Limited to 15 third-year students with interest in trial advocacy and willingness to participate in confrontational exercises. Counts as practice hours. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7200 (3) Anthropology of Law

Reviews the relationship between the social and cultural features of both developed and developing country societies and the formal and informal legal institutions within them. Considers the nature of social control and constraint, judicial reasoning, fact finding, conciliation, mediation and arbitration, and legal discourse.

LAWS-7201 (3) Antitrust

Studies American competition policy: collaborations among competitors, including agreements on price and boycotts, definition of agreement, monopolization, vertical restraints such as resale price maintenance, and territorial confinement of dealers. Offered in alternate years.

LAWS-7202 (3) Environmental Law

Examines and analyzes important federal pollution control statutes, including the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, Solid Waste Act, and Superfund. Considers related economic theory, ethics, and policy issues.

LAWS-7205 (3) Administrative Law

Covers practices and procedures of administrative agencies and limitations thereon, including the Federal Administrative Procedure Act, and the relationship between courts and agencies.

LAWS-7207 (3) Federal Estate and Gift Tax

Analyzes federal estate and gift taxation of inter vivos and testamentary transfers, introduces income taxation of estates and trusts, and involves elementary estate planning. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7209 (4) Natural Resources Law Clinic

Offers hands-on experience in the practice of natural resources law in the Rocky Mountain region to a select number of clinic students. The clinic's docket of active cases focuses on public land law and the environmental statutes protecting those lands and their resources. Students participate in projects that test the full range of lawyering skills, including traditional litigation, administrative advocacy, legislative drafting, and the conduct of complex negotiations and settlements. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7211 (3) Business Planning

Focuses on the development and use of concepts derived from a number of legal areas in the context of business planning and counseling. Topics such as formation of business entities, sale of a business, recapitalization, division, reorganization, and dissolution are considered. Prereqs., LAWS 6007,6201, and 6251 or 6211.

LAWS-7212 (2) Environmental Litigation

Examines the litigation strategies and procedures used to enforce and defend against enforcement under environmental protection statutes, such as the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Resource Conversation and Recovery Act, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980, and the Toxic Substances Control Act. Covers civil enforcement, and citizen's suits.

LAWS-7217 (2) Estate Planning

Discusses problems and solutions for owners of various-sized estates and different types of assets including jointly-held property, stock in closely-held corporations and farms, analysis of federal taxation of generation-skipping transfers in trust, postmortem estate planning, and drafting of trusts and wills. Prereqs., LAWS 6104 and LAWS 7207. Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite courses of LAWS 6104 and 7207.

LAWS-7221 (2-3) Government Regulation of Business.

Covers themes that explore the nature of the regulatory state and the realities of how businesses react to regulation. Provides an understanding of regulatory institutions; the tools of governmental regulation; and a critical perspective on regulation.

LAWS-7228 (2) Intellectual Origins of the Constitution

Examines the views of the Constitution's framers as expressed in contemporaneous and antecedent writings and debates. Offered in alternate years.

LAWS-7232 (3) Energy Justice

Establishes why nearly a third of the world populated by the energy oppressed poor, presents a major national and international "legislative" or socio political problem calling for answers from governments and civil societies in the developed and developing world. Explains and elucidates the concept of energy justice, its jurisprudential heritage, and its meaning and relevance in contemporary society. Case studies present problem solving frameworks spanning the political, social, behavioral, engineering, natural sciences, and law. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7241 (3) Telecommunications Law and Policy

Examines laws governing telecommunications industries, including federal and state regulation and international aspects. Includes telephone, cable, satellite, cellular, and other wireless systems, and the Internet. Same as TLEN 5240. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7248 (3) History of Criminal Justice

Explores the social, cultural, and legal history of Anglo-American criminal justice from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Also examines tensions between various methods that historians employ to study crime and law.

LAWS-7251 (3) Non-Profit Law

Examines the creation of a non-profit organization, in particular whether to choose a trust or a corporate form, how to qualify for federal tax exemption, and differences between private foundations and public charities. Examines fiduciary duty issues, restrictions on political activity and private benefit, and unrelated business income tax. Addresses tax incentives for charitable giving and state fundraising laws.