LAWS-7011 (3) Creditors' Remedies and Debtors' Protection

Examines typical state rights and procedures for the enforcement of claims and federal and state law limitations providing protection to debtors in the process. Includes prejudgment remedies, statutory and equitable remedies, fraudulent conveyance principles, and exemptions and other judicial protections afforded debtors. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7013 (2) Supreme Court Decision Making

Students deliberate over several important cases as "Justices" of the Supreme Court. Class is divided into three "Courts" with the first hour spent in deliberation and the second hour in discussion of the deliberative process as well as the substantive issues.

LAWS-7015 (3) First Amendment

Examines speech and religion clauses of the First Amendment. Includes the philosophical foundation of free expression, analytical problems in First Amendment jurisprudence, and the relationships between free exercise of religion and the separation of church and state. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7019 (1-2) Advanced Clinical Practicum

Enables a clinical; student an optional 1-2 credit course to complete an ongoing clinic project that does not reach its natural conclusion during the regular term of the clinic. The practicum may be used in connection with any existing clinical course, but only with permission, and under the supervision of the clinical faculty member. A clinical student must complete a minimum of 50 hours of work per credit taken. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7021 (3-4) Bankruptcy

Briefly examines nonbankruptcy business rehabilitation devices, followed by basic principles of federal bankruptcy law and the bankruptcy court system. Concludes with attention to business reorganizations under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Recommended prereq., LAWS 6001 and 7011.

LAWS-7023 (2) Jury Selection and History

Studies the history of the jury from ancient times through the implications of Apprendi, the grand jury from the time of Henry II through modern federal practice, and current jury selection procedures, both federal and Colorado, both civil and criminal. Experienced trial attorneys will work with students to demonstrate jury selection.

LAWS-7024 (2-3) Real Estate Planning

Considers various contemporary legal problems involved in the ownership, use, development, and operation ofreal estate. Emphasizes the income tax and financing aspects of commercial and residential use and development such as shopping plazas and apartment buildings. Same as ACCT 6730.

LAWS-7025 (3) Civil Rights Legislation

Presents a comprehensive study of federal civil rights statutes briefly reviewed in other courses (e.g., Constitutional Law or Federal Courts). Studies federal civil rights statutes, their judicial application,and their interrelationships as a discretely significant body of law of increasing theoretical interest and practical importance.

LAWS-7029 (3) Appellate Advocacy Clinic

Provides a clinical course that enables students to work on briefs of criminal cases being handled by the Appellate Division of the Public Defender or Attorney General's Office. Instruction in oral advocacy is given. Enrollment limited to eight students.

LAWS-7031 (3) Regulation of Financial Institutions

Focuses on the core banking law and works outward to cover a broader spectrum of bank-like financial institutions. Covers bank licensing, restrictions on bank business, regulating safety and soundness of banks, consumer protection of depositors and other bank customers, and regulatory examination and enforcement. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7045 (3) Criminal Procedure: Adjudicative Process

Focuses primarily on criminal procedure at and after trial. Looks at bail, prosecutorial discretion, discovery, plea bargaining, speedy trial, jury trial, the right to counsel at trial, double jeopardy, appeal, and federal habeas corpus.

LAWS-7055 (3) Education Law

Considers issues raised by the interaction of law and education. Issues may include the legitimacy of compulsory schooling, alternatives to public schools, socialization and discipline in the schools, and questions of equal educational opportunities.

LAWS-7061 (1) Contract Drafting

Begins with value creation by transactional lawyers, and emphasizes the opportunity for lawyers to reduce information and agency costs, and mitigate strategic behavior by using tools such as disclosure, representation and warranties, incentive compensation and earnouts. Shifts to negotiation and drafting, focusing on basic drafting principles and strategies to advance one's clients' interests. Introduces the basic framework of contracts (recitals, reps, and warranties, capitalized terms, definitions, indemnifications and escrow). Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7065 (3-4) Immigration and Citizenship Law

Covers legal issues pertaining to noncitizens of the United States, especially their right to enter and remain as immigrants and nonimmigrants. Topics include admission and exclusion, deportation, and refugees and political asylum. Approaches topics from various perspectives, including constitutional law, statutory interpretation, planning, ethics, history, and policy. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7079 (2) Wrongful Convictions

Focuses on the issues and remedies in cases of people who have been convicted, whose traditional appellate remedies have been exhausted, and who continue to claim actual innocence. Preference given to those who have taken or are taking more criminal procedure courses.

LAWS-7085 (2) Law and Religion

Uses judicial decisions as well as historical and theoretical materials to explore significant aspects of the relationship between law and religion. The religion clauses of the First Amendment are a central but not exclusive subject of study. Offered in alternate years.

LAWS-7095 (2) Women in Law

Explores the role of women in the legal system by looking at women as parties, jurors, witnesses, lawyers, law professors, and judges. Explores the relationship of law and society to women as victims and offenders. Investigates law and society's response to adoption, lesbian/gay issues, rape, surrogate and bad mothers, and sexual harassment.

LAWS-7100 (2-3) International Criminal Law: Theory and Practice

Exposes students to the rapidly growing body of jurisprudence, both international and national, wherein international humanitarian and human rights law are being applied for the purposes of prosecution, trial and punishment of individuals alleged to be responsible for the commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and, more recently, terrorism. Prereq., LAWS 6400.

LAWS-7101 (4) Deals: Engineering Financial Transactions

Explores the business lawyer's role in creating valueby helping clients identify, assess, and manage business risks through efficient contract design while achieving the optimal legal, tax or regulatory treatment for the deal. Includes case studies of actual transactions.

LAWS-7102 (2-3) Oil and Gas

Deals with the legal problems associated with private arrangements for the ownership and development of oil and gas: deeds and leases to oil and gas rights, trespass, adverse possession, implied covenants in leases, conveyances of fractional interests, and the interaction of private rights and conservation regulation. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7105 (3) Family Law

Focuses on nature of marriage, actions for annulment and divorce, problems of alimony and property division, separation agreements, and custody of children. Also considers illegitimacy, abortion, contraception, the status of married women in common law and under modern statutes, and relations of parent and child. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7106 (1-2) Rothgerber Moot Court Competition

Offers an intensive involvement in legal research, appellate brief writing, and oral arguments in a competitive context. Student finalists may continue involvement in regional and national competitions. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7111 (3) Contract Theory: Collisions of Contracting and Culture

Explores various contract theories and principles emanating from classical and neoclassical law, legal realism, law and economics, critical legal studies,law and society, relational theory, and others. Considers and critiques these theories as applied to particular contracting cultures, especially as applied to construction contracts.

LAWS-7115 (2) Juvenile Justice

Covers a wide array of issues dealing with the legal rights of the unborn, children, and juveniles. Covers the legal status of parent-child abuse, delinquency and crime, and emancipation. Prerequisites: Restricted to Law students only.

LAWS-7121 (3) Advanced Contracts: Commercial Transactions

Studies Article 2 and Article 2A of the Uniform Commercial Code, together with the Convention and the International Sale of Goods. Advanced contracts topics are explored in depth. Among other subjects, warranties, title, remedies, and risk of loss in the sale of lease of goods will be studied.