CHEN-1000 (3) Creative Technology

Lect. Introduces undergraduate arts and sciences students to the most recent concepts in technology and how these concepts impact all aspects of life, such as health, the health of the planet, and social structures. Engineering students should consult an advisor before registering for this course. Approved for arts and sciences CORE curriculum: natural science. Prerequisites: Restricted to Non-Engineering Majors only.

CHEN-1211 (3) General Chemistry for Engineers

Lect. a one-semester course designed to meet the general chemistry requirement for engineering students. Topics include stoichiometry; thermodynamics; gases, liquids, and solids; equilibrium; acids and bases; bonding concepts; kinetics; reactions; and materials science. Examples and problems illustrate the application of chemistry to engineering subdisciplines. Restricted to students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science; one year of high school chemistry or CHEM 1001 or 1021 (min. grade C-); and high school algebra. Not recommended for students with grades below B- in CHEM 1001 or 1021. Coreq., CHEM 1221. Credit not granted for this course and CHEM 1111, 1113/1114, 1251, or 1351. Prerequisites: Requires co-requisite course of CHEM 1221. Restricted to College of Engineering Majors only.

CHEN-1300 (1) Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Meets for one lecture per week. Introduces chemical engineering emphasizing history of the profession, curriculum, chemical industry, and industrial chemistry. Includes industry visits, oral presentations, faculty and professional meetings,and development of a goals statement.

CHEN-2120 (3) Chemical Engineering Material and Energy Balances

Provides a basic understanding of chemical engineering calculations involving material and energy balances around simple chemical processes. Prereq., CHEN 1211 and GEEN 1300 (min. grade C-). Prerequisites: Restricted to Chemical, Chemical and Biological, Environmental, or Civil Engineering majors only.

CHEN-2810 (3) Biology for Engineers

Develops a basic understanding of the science of biology, including an introduction to the disciplines of biochemistry, cell organization, metabolism, genetics, genomics, molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology and evolution. Provides a basic introduction to several key techniques used in biological engineering laboratories. Uses examples of complex and creative structures engineered by natural processes.

CHEN-2840 (1-4) Independent Study

Available to sophomores with approval of Department of Chemical Engineering. Subject arranged to fit needs of student.

CHEN-3010 (3) Applied Data Analysis

Teaches students to analyze and interpret data. Topics include engineering measurements, graphical presentation and numerical treatment of data, statistical inference, and regression analysis. Prereqs., GEEN 1300 and APPM 2360 (all min. grade C-).

CHEN-3130 (2) Chemical Engineering Laboratory 1

One four-hour lab session per week. Investigates chemical engineering fluid flow, heat transfer, and thermodynamics. Emphasizes communication by written reports and oral presentations as well as laboratory safety. Prereq., CHEN 3010, 3200, 3320 and either CHEN 3210 or MCEN 3022 (all min. grade C-). Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite courses of CHEN 3010 and CHEN 3200 (or MCEN 3021 or GEEN 3853) and CHEN 3320 and CHEN 3210 (or MCEN 3022)

CHEN-3200 (3) Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Introduces fluid mechanics and momentum transfer, emphasizing the application of these principles to chemical engineering systems. Prereqs., APPM 2350 and either CHEN 2120 (min. grade C) or MCEN 2023 (min. grade C-). Coreq., APPM 2360. Same as GEEN 3853.

CHEN-3210 (3) Chemical Engineering Heat Transfer

Examines conservation and transfer of thermal energy. Focuses on conduction and convection of heat in the context of chemical processes, with a special focus on heat exchangers. Also studies thermal radiation. Prereq., GEEN 1300 and either CHEN 3200 or MCEN 3021 (all min. grade C-), and CHEN 2120 (min. grade C). Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite coursess of CHEN 2120 and GEEN 1300, and either CHEN 3200 or MCEN 3021 (all minimum grade C-). Restricted to CHEN, CBEN or EVEN Majors or Civil/Environmental Engineering Concurrent Degree Majors only.

CHEN-3220 (3) Chemical Engineering Separations and Mass Transfer

Studies separation methods including distillation, absorption, and extraction, and graphical and computer-based solutions to separation problems. Also studies mass transfer rate processes, including diffusion, microscopic material balances, and correlations for mass transfer coefficients. Applies mass transfer rate theory to packed and tray columns. Prereq., CHEN 3200, CHEN 3210 or MCEN 3022, and CHEN 3320. Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite courses of CHEN 3200 (or MCEN 3021 or GEEN 3853) and CHEN 3320 and CHEN 3210 (or MCEN 3022)

CHEN-3320 (3) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Applies thermodynamic principles to nonideal systems, phase equilibrium, chemical equilibrium, power generation, refrigeration, and chemical processes. Prereqs., CHEN 2120 (min. grade C) and either CHEM 4511 or 4521 (min. grade C-). Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite courses of CHEN 2120 and either CHEM 4511 or 4521 (all minimum grade C-)

CHEN-3840 (1-4) Independent Study

Available to juniors with approval of the Department of Chemical Engineering. Subject arranged to fit needs of the student.

CHEN-3930 (6) Chemical Engineering Cooperative Education

Students enrolled in this course participate in a previously arranged, department-sponsored cooperative education program. Prereqs., CHEN 2120 (min. grade C) and GPA higher than 2.85. GPA higher than 3.00 strongly recommended.

CHEN-4010 (2) Chemical Engineering Senior Thesis 1

Provides an opportunity for advanced students to conduct exploratory research in chemical engineering.

CHEN-4020 (2) Chemical Engineering Senior Thesis 2

Continuation of CHEN 4010. CHEN 4010 and 4020 can substitute for CHEN 4130.

CHEN-4090 (1) Undergraduate Seminar

Provides chemical engineering career and professional information, facilitates contact with faculty and industry representatives, and improves communication and leadership skills. Consists of a series of seminars and field trips and requires a research project involving a written and oral report. Prerequisites: Restricted to students with 87-180 credits (Senior, Fifth Year Senior) Chemical Engineering (CHEN) or Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBEN) majors only.

CHEN-4130 (2) Chemical Engineering Laboratory 2

Involves planning and execution of chemical engineering experiments on mass transfer operations, separations, and chemical reactors. Interprets experimental data with theoretical principles and statistical analysis. Emphasizes communication with written memos, full reports, and oral presentations. Prereqs., CHEN 3010, 3130, 3320, and 4330 (all min. grade C-). Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite courses of CHEN 3010, 3130, 3320, 4330 (all minimum grade C-)

CHEN-4330 (3) Chemical Engineering Reaction Kinetics

Introduces chemical kinetics and chemical reactor design. Involves mass and energy balances for steady-state and transient reactor systems. Also covers residence time distribution, mass transfer,catalytic reactions, and multiple steady states in reactors. Prereq., CHEN 3210 or MCEN 3022 and CHEN 3320 (min. grade C-). Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite courses of CHEN 3320 and CHEN 3210 (or MCEN 3022). This class is restricted to junior/senior Chemical Engineering majors or MS/BS CHEN concurrent degreee majors.

CHEN-4440 (3) Chemical Engineering Materials

Introduces materials engineering, including properties of polymers, metals, ceramics, and semiconductors, especially as related to chemical engineering processes. Prereq., CHEN 3320 and CHEM 3311 (min grade C-).

CHEN-4450 (3) Polymer Chemistry

Introduces polymer science with a focus on polymer chemistry and polymerization reactions. Focuses on polymerization reaction engineering and how polymer properties depend on structure. Prereq., CHEN 4330 and CHEM 3311 (all min. grade C-). Same as CHEN 5450.

CHEN-4460 (3) Polymer Engineering

Introductory polymer engineering course reviewing basic terminology and definitions; the properties and synthetic routes of important industrial polymers; and processing of polymers and their applications. Prereq., CHEM 3311 and CHEN 3320 (min. grade C-). Same as CHEN 5460. Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite courses of CHEM 3311 and CHEN 3320

CHEN-4520 (3) Chemical Process Synthesis

Studies applied chemical process design including equipment specification and economic evaluation. Prereqs., CHEN 3010, 3210, 3220, 3320 and 4330 or 4830 (all min. grade C-). Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite courses of CHEN 3010, 3210, 3220, 3320 and 4330 or 4830 (all minimum grade C-).

CHEN-4530 (2) Chemical Engineering Design Project

Provides a team-based capstone design experience for chemical engineering students. Projects are sponsored by industry and student design teams collaborate with industrial consultants. Projects consider chemical process and product design with emphasis on economic analysis. Deliverables include an oral mid-project design review, a final oral presentation and final written design report. Prereq., CHEN 4520 (min. grade C-). Prerequisites: Requires pre-requisite course of CHEN 4520

CHEN-4570 (4) Instrumentation and Process Control

Examines principles of control theory and their application to chemical processes. Focuses on single-loop feedback and feedforward control. Laboratory sessions cover measurement fundamentals, signal transmission, dynamic testing, control system synthesis, and implementation and adjustment. Prereqs., CHEN 3220, 4330 or 4830, and APPM 2360 (all min. grade C-).