GSAP-1000 (3) World Politics and Society

Explores the history leading up to-and away from-the attacks of 9/11 within an American framework. Topics to be covered include: America's relationship with key countries since 1945; the rise of Muslim extremism; modern terrorism and its meaning; the importance of oil; and the events of 9/11 and the Bush Administration's response to it, at home and abroad. Restricted to G-RAP students.

GSAP-1500 (1) Community Engagement

Facilitates community-level service and volunteer opportunities in the University, Boulder-Denver area, and Colorado communities for first-year students. Participants will learn how to conduct basic community research and will design their own volunteer, service, or internship plan in conjunction with the instructor and the class, targeting a university center, community nonprofit, local business, government agency, or international institution.

GSAP-2010 (3) Introduction to National Security

Introduces national and international security studies to students. The course examines the influence of history, domestic politics, and international events and actors on the development of security policy. Restricted to G-RAP students.

GSAP-2020 (3) Topics in National Security

Intensive look at specific security issues. This course focuses on the specifics of policy development related to functional issues (political, military, and non-traditional ) as well as threats within specific regions. In addition to class, each student will focus on an issue of their choosing. Recommended prereq., GSAP 2010. Restricted to G-RAP students.

GSAP-2500 (3) Global Society: The International Rights of the Child

Students will employ tools of social science research to engage in critical thinking about human rights as they apply to children in a global context. A variety of interrelated questions will be addressed such as: What are human rights? Do children have rights that are distinct from the rights of adults? What human rights challenges do children face around the world? A variety of global challenges to the rights of children will be considered, with special focus on issues of child trafficking and participation in armed conflict.

GSAP-3000 (3) Historic and Contemporary Barcelona

Students will be invited to link their own knowledge of and experiences in Boulder, Colorado, and the United States to Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain-all within the larger framework of globalization. Key themes include national and imperial history, peace and security, trade and economics, and the mosaic of cultures that comprise Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain as seen through the arts, governance, and diplomacy.