ARSC-1000 (3-4) Expository Writing

Develops college-level reading, writing, and thinking. Students are asked to read critically, then construct written responses that are revised and crafted into more formal essays and position papers. Offered through the Student Academic Services Center. Prereq., program coordinator consent required.

ARSC-1080 (4) College Writing and Research

Introduces academic and professional genres through the research and inquiry process. Students practice close reading, oral presentation, drafting, synthesis, analysis and research skills in discussion, writing workshops, and one-on-one conferences. Meets MAPS requirement for English. Approved for arts and sciences CORE curriculum: written communication.

ARSC-1081 (1) SASC Coseminar: College Writing and Research

One-credit seminar provides extended instruction in written composition for students enrolled in ARSC 1080. Graded assignments enrich students' understanding of genre, organization, research skills, and grammar. Coreq., ARSC 1080.

ARSC-1150 (3) Writing in Arts and Sciences

Emphasizes the development of effective writing skills with instruction provided in expository and analytical writing. Reviews basic elements of grammar, syntax,and composition as needed. Meets MAPS requirement for English. May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours. Approved for arts and sciences CORE curriculum: written communication.

ARSC-3100 (3) Multicultural Perspective and Academic Discourse

Teaches students how to write academic papers related to race, class, gender, sexuality, and other areas of cultural identity. Students acquire expertise on issues through readings, guided discussion, and research and practice oral presentation skills, drafting, and workshopping of papers. Prereq., lower level writing course(s) or waiver. Restricted to juniors/seniors. Approved for arts and sciences CORE curriculum: written communication. Prerequisites: Restricted to students with 57-180 credits (Junior or Senior).