CHEN-1211 (3) General Chemistry for Engineers

Lect. a one-semester course designed to meet the general chemistry requirement for engineering students. Topics include stoichiometry; thermodynamics; gases, liquids, and solids; equilibrium; acids and bases; bonding concepts; kinetics; reactions; and materials science. Examples and problems illustrate the application of chemistry to engineering subdisciplines. Restricted to students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science; one year of high school chemistry or CHEM 1001 or 1021 (min. grade C-); and high school algebra. Not recommended for students with grades below B- in CHEM 1001 or 1021. Coreq., CHEM 1221. Credit not granted for this course and CHEM 1111, 1113/1114, 1251, or 1351. Prerequisites: Requires co-requisite course of CHEM 1221. Restricted to College of Engineering Majors only.