Western American Studies

The Center of the American West offers an undergraduate certificate program in Western American Studies for students who have an intellectual commitment to any of a broad range of issues and aspects of the American West, including history and literature, culture and society, and economic and environmental challenges facing western communities. Courses involve students in an exploration of the past, an appreciation for traditional and contemporary stories and art in the region, and an understanding of western landscapes, ecosystems, and the factors that affect them. 

The certificate program is interdisciplinary, drawing on courses and expertise from over a dozen departments spanning the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Course work may be taken concurrently with undergraduate studies. Students complete 18 credit hours of course work including the introductory course, CAMW 2001, and the capstone course, CAMW 4001. Contact the Center of the American West at 303-735-1399 or visit www.centerwest.org/academics/certificate for program details. 

Course code for this program is CAMW.