Population Studies

Certificate Program

Population Studies Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Population Studies, offered through the Population Program of the Institute of Behavioral Science, recognizes master’s and doctoral degree students for interdisciplinary work in demography. The population program, which is international in scope and has an applied and policy-oriented focus, fosters research on population trends and patterns and provides training in population analysis. Students who are earning graduate degrees through the Departments of Economics, Geography, or Sociology and are interested in majoring in demography are eligible to petition for admission to the program.

The population program emphasizes research training through direct faculty/student interaction and involvement in research projects. Students are required to take three core courses: ECON 8666 Economic Demography; GEOG 6732 Formal Population Geography; and SOCY 6012 Population Issues, Problems, and Policies. Students are granted a certificate on the basis of the three core courses, their applied research, and their thesis or dissertation.

Questions about the certificate program in population studies should be directed to the Population Program, Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado Boulder, 484 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0484; 303-492-7986www.colorado.edu/ibs/pop; cupc@colorado.edu.