Norlin Scholars Program

Norlin Scholars is an interdisciplinary intellectual community in which students receive an education personally tailored to fit their interests and goals in any of CU-Boulder's undergraduate colleges or schools. Geared toward students seeking a liberal education or preparing for graduate or professional schools, the program offers academic challenge, breadth of experience, and close work with faculty. 

Benefits of being a Norlin Scholar include:

  • $4,000 scholarship per academic year
  • additional funding for enrichment activities like research or study abroad
  • small, invigorating core and elective courses
  • research or creative projects with faculty
  • access to top scholarship advising and guidance
  • opportunities for professional training and development
  • a stimulating, interdisciplinary peer group

Financial Information

Each Norlin Scholar receives a merit-based award of $4,000 per year with the possibility of additional funds for enrichment projects. Students who enter the program as freshmen receive a four-year award, contingent upon academic progress; students who enter as rising juniors receive a two-year award, contingent upon academic progress. Students who need additional financial assistance should complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Applying to the Program

A flexible selection system ensures that students with many different interests and talents are accepted as Norlin Scholars. Students may apply either as high school seniors (to enter the program as incoming first-year students) or as second-semester sophomores in college (to enter the program as juniors). Colorado residents as well as out-of-state and international students are eligible. Applicants should demonstrate excellent academic and/or creative ability and must have already applied to the university for admission in order to apply for the scholarship. More information and application details can be found at or call 303-735-6802.

The course code for this program is NRLN.