Embedded Systems

In the last few years, commercially available digital systems (microprocessors, microcontrollers, memory chips, interface systems, and systems that handle image, voice, music, and other types of signals) have experienced explosive growth in the electronics industry. These devices are increasingly powerful, cheap, and flexible as design components.

Certificate Program

Embedded Systems Certificate

The certificate in embedded systems, which is offered by the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering and the Center for Advanced Engineering and Technology Education, with support of the Division of Continuing Education, offers students the hardware and software knowledge and skills needed to design and implement these systems. The curriculum consists of two core courses and one elective course from an approved list. The two core courses are:

  • ECEN 4613/5613 Embedded System Design
  • ECEN 4623/5623 Real-Time Embedded Systems or ECEN 4033/5033 Real-time Digital Media Systems

The list of approved electives is periodically updated and currently includes:

  • ECEN 4573 ECE Capstone (course number is now 4033, but students may still apply with old course number)
  • ECEN 4033/5543 Software Engineering of Stand-Alone Programs
  • ECEN 4633/5633 Hybrid Embedded Systems
  • ECEN 4532/5532 DSP Lab

Applicants for the certificate program must have been or currently be enrolled for a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and have satisfied the prerequisites for each course through course work or work experience. They need not be enrolled in a degree-granting program at CU-Boulder. A grade of B- or better is required for each course applied toward the certificate. For more information, visit ecee.colorado.edu/academics/cert_programs/overview.html.