Academic Excellence

Director's List

Students in the Journalism and Mass Communication Program who have completed at least 12 credit hours of CU-Boulder course work for a letter grade in any single semester with a term grade point average of 3.750 or better are included on the dean’s list and receive a notation on their transcript and a letter from the director.


Journalism and Mass Communication Program students may graduate with general honors and/or JMC honors. Students interested in general honors must consult the Honors Program office. JMC may award the bachelor’s degree with honors to students who have a 3.500 cumulative GPA and a 3.500 GPA in journalism and mass communication courses, complete an independent study in journalism and mass communication involving scholarly research, and demonstrate a high degree of professional skill. Application for JMC honors must be made to the student’s advisor the semester prior to the one in which the honors project would be done. Transfer students must complete at least 60 hours in residence. Complete information on honors requirements is available at the main office.

Students who achieve a 3.750 overall GPA will graduate with distinction. Students whose academic records rank in the upper 10 percent are eligible for election to Kappa Tau Alpha in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement.

School Awards and Scholarships

Alumni and friends of JMC have made it possible to provide more than three dozen annual scholarships and awards to officially admitted students in the Journalism and Mass Communication Program sequences. The deadline for application is February 20.

  • A. Gayle Waldrop Award
  • Arthur B. Levis Scholarship
  • Barrie Hartman News Editorial Scholarship
  • Boulder Press Club
  • Bob and Gloria Palmer Scholarship
  • Brian Hostetler Memorial Scholarship
  • Chris M. & Chris J. Burns Memorial Scholarship
  • Colorado Broadcasters Association
  • Colorado Press Women Scholarship
  • Courtney Erin Klee Memorial Scholarship
  • Denver Woman’s Press Club Scholarship
  • Dan Creedon Sports Scholarship
  • Dominic Manzanares Memorial Scholarship
  • Don Ridgway/CHSPA
  • Dottie Roberts Foundation Scholarship
  • Ed Sardella Broadcast News Scholarship
  • Eugene Cervi Memorial Scholarship
  • Fred Casotti Sports Information Scholarship
  • Gerald C. Bean Memorial Scholarship
  • Gladys Van Vranken Parce Memorial Scholarship
  • Jerry and Lorna Gray Scholarship
  • J. Ember and Agnes Sterling Memorial Scholarship
  • J. Winton Lemen Memorial Scholarship
  • Karsh & Hagan Advertising Scholarship
  • Larry and Brigitte Zimmer Sports Announcing Scholarship
  • L. C. Paddock Memorial Scholarship
  • Leach Family Scholarship
  • Lehman Communications Corporation Scholarship
  • Mabee Memorial Scholarship
  • Marcella G. Hertzog/Georgene Carlson Memorial Scholarship
  • Nonie Lann Scholarship
  • North American Snowsport Journalism Scholarship
  • Philip John Coffey Scholarship Fund
  • Ralph Allen Scholarship
  • Raymond B. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Rick and Linda Reilly News Editorial Scholarship
  • Teddy Ebersol Scholarship
  • William S. Hemingway Scholarships
  • William W. White Awards