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Korea Resource Center

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Korean Collections

The TEA Resource Center offers resource materials on Korea for teachers in Colorado.

The collection's more than 230 items include:

  • The complete collection of elementary and secondary curriculum units from SPICE (The Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education)
  • A 40-volume set of introductory materials on Korea received through the Korea Foundation's Reference Distribution Program
  • Resources on history, literature, the arts, the Korean language, politics, economics, culture, sociology, and religion/thought
  • A collection of folktales and children's stories
  • Elementary and secondary units developed by national and regional Korea projects
  • One Korean artifact trunk

Circulating print, audiovisual, and computer-based curriculum materials, as well as a professional library, are available on loan to K-12 educators who are able to pick up and return materials to the TEA offices. Audiovisual materials require a refundable damage deposit of $35. As part of the resource center services, project staff are available to consult with teachers and school districts on curriculum design and materials selection. To borrow curriculum resources, please contact TEA staff member Catherine Ishida. Interested parties should complete the Borrower's Agreement. Most materials are lent free of charge; artifact trunks rent for a nominal fee.

Korean Artifact Trunks

artifact trunks

The Program for Teaching East Asia has one Korea artifact trunk available to teachers. The trunk contains articles that enable students to gain a first-hand experience of Korean culture. The trunk comes with a set of recommended teaching ideas to help students analyze, hypothesize, compare, and contrast Korean and American culture. The trunk theme is Korean Folk Games.

Email TEA staff member Catherine Ishida to learn more. To borrow an artifact trunk, send a signed Borrower's Agreement and two separate checks payable to the University of Colorado Foundation: $15 for rental, $50 for refundable damage deposit.