CU Buffs Professional Program

  • Buffs Pro

    “Program was helpful for: learning how to network, where to start the job application process, importance of following up and thanking those who help you.”

  • Fair 2

    “…overall the program was easily accessible and understandable.” 

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    “This program is fantastic. I’m so grateful it exists because it would be very difficult to get all this information on my own.”  

Summit to career success with the CU Buffs Professional Program! Make your application stand out and let employers know you have the skills and talent to be a CU Buffs Professional. Work at your own pace to explore CU-Boulder majors and connect the dots to your career. Then, find out what employers want and seek out internships and jobs in your areas of interest. Earn rewards along the way to earning your CU Buffs Professional certificate.

Student Requirements 

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA. 
  • Complete four workshops (online or in person): Explore Majors & Careers, Resumes & Networking, Internship/Job Search & Interviewing, and Professionalism Skills. You’ll have the opportunity to complete career assessments, create a resume and practice interviewing skills. 
  • Complete a basecamp event (Meet with a career counseling in an appointment or drop in, or complete an informational interview) 
  • Attend a summit event to meet with employers at a Career Fair or Meet Buff Employers event. 
  • Complete all the required steps and receive your CU Buffs Professional Certificate. 

Complete the workshops first, in any order, and then you can move on to complete the rest. There is no time limit. You can attend the workshops in person or review the content online!

Workshops (Attend all online or in person)

Explore Majors and Careers

Learn about majors you’re interested in and career assessments. Connect your strengths and skills to your areas of interest.

Resumes & Networking

Prepare for an internship or job search. Eighty percent of jobs are found through networking! Get ready for your internship or job search and learn how to network to your next position. Create a resume from scratch or polish up an existing one to get noticed.

Internship/Job Search & Interviewing

Start an internship or job search here! Learn the secrets of internship and job searching to find what you’re looking for. Build social media job-searching skills and interviewing skills to gain an edge in your search.

Professionalism Skills

Adapt for a changing world. We know that the job market is ever changing; learn how to adapt and gain the professional skills that employers want!


Attend one basecamp event, meet with a career counseling in an appointment or drop in, or complete an informational interview

Summit Event

Meet with employers at a Career Fair or Meet Buff Employers event.

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