Bret Fund

Assistant Professor
Management & Entrepreneurship

Koelbel 477


My research examines the roles that external organizations and institutions play in the success of entrepreneurial endeavors. Specifically, my research incorporates a network perspective in the examination of the social capital of founders and venture capitalist in start-up environments. Modern day businesses (both large and small) find themselves in a dynamic and shifting environment. In order to remain competitive and entrepreneurial, it is necessary for new companies to acquire the important resources in terms of physical, human, and social capital. The acquisition and retention of such resources can be challenging. By increasing our understanding of the role of these external organizations and institutions in acquiring and retaining access to these resources, I hope to assist individuals and companies in managing their efforts and to become more effective in the process.


  • Ph.D., Business Administration, Pennsylvania State University
  • MS, Organization Behavior, Brigham Young University
  • BS, Finance, Brigham Young University