• GoJett supersonic wind tunnel test

    GoJett supersonic wind tunnel test

    GoJett, a supersonic UAV being developed at CU with help from the Busemann Advanced Concepts Laboratory, is seen here being tested at the US Air Force Academy in a supersonic wind tunnel.

  • FENIX design concept

    Along with design work and simulations, our researchers work hard to validate our work. In order to do so, we do extensive engine and fluid tests with the help of undergraduates. This is a test stand designed in 2011 by the undergraduate FENIX senior design team.

  • Dr. Starkey with the GoJett model

    Dr. Starkey with the GoJett model

    Dr. Starkey with the GoJett carbon fiber mold, built with the help of local business EBS Carbon. The lab has many connections to industry.

  • Dr. Starkey with some of his current students

    Dr. Starkey with most of his current students pose for a photo op for the website.


Welcome to the Busemann Advanced Concepts Laboratory website. On this site you can find information about what we do, who we are, and where we work. We are named after Dr. Adolf Busemann, a pioneer in supersonic and hypersonic aerodynamics.

Our research focuses on high speed propulsion, supersonic vehicle design, and computational optimization. To see a showcase of our work, click on the Resarch Area tab and see for yourself the exciting, cutting edge work we are performing.

The team consists of a wide array of research affiliates and students, with technical degrees ranging from chemistry to computer science. This has enabled our laboratory to perform theoretical, analytical, and applied research, including an extensive test portfolio.

Under the news tab, you will find articles about our award winning members and research. Our work has been featured in several high profile news outlets, including Wired magazine and AviationWeek.

If you have additional questions, feel free to correspond with us using the webform provided under the "Contact Us" tab.

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