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Affiliated Projects


The Demonstration of an Afterburner and Nozzle in a mini-turbojet Engine (DANtE) was a senior project from 2009-2010 seeking to add an afterburner to the AMT AT-450 engine. The team was successful in designing, building, and testing an afterburner to the engine which increased the thrust significantly.


BIOmite was a senior design project from 2010-2011. The goal was to adpat an existing COTS turbojet engine to run on biofuel and increase its thrust-to-weight ratio via a vairable area nozzle. The project achieved operating the engine with a synthetic-paraffinic-kerosene, a biofuel analgo, and to increase the thrust to weight ratio via experimental data. You can visit the website here.


The Fluid Extraction for Nozzle Injection eXperiment (FENIX) being the latest one. FENIX is an experimental test bed that supports thrust vectoring and supersonic throat constriction experiments. The test stand was designed by seniors in the 2011-2012 school year. The stand can measure force in all three dimensions to measure fluidic thrust vectoring for yaw, pitch, and roll control.


GoJett has been a graduate project starting in 2008 until present. It aims to create a tailless, supersonic vehicle that can serve as a flying test bed for various missions. The current mission goal is to break the world speed record as defined by the governing agency. Over 50 graduate students have worked on this project to date, performing research, analysis, test, and manufacturing. More information can be found here.


The Hybrid Sounding Rocket (HySoR) project is spearheaded by Dr. Lakshmi Kantha as one of the graduate projects at CU. Our own Matt Cannella has served as a team member and consultant for the project. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a system to launch and release a 2 kg payload at an altitude of 100 km using a hybrid-rocket motor. The immediate goal is to reach 10 km altitude with a commercial off-the-shelf oxidizer tank. Their website can be found here.