BAC Lab Affiliated Project on CU Homepage

Published: Feb. 23, 2012

GoJett, the graduate research project working to propel a 50 kg vehicle to supersonic speeds, is garnering a lot of attention! Just today, the University of Colorado, Boulder, wrote a press release about the exciting work done by the graduate students and Dr. Starkey in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

GoJett is a culmination of research work done by close to 50 graduate students over four years. Now, Dr. Starkey is setting his aims even higher, hoping to translate this research work into commercial success by transfering the work to a private company. The Busemann Advanced Concepts Laboratory has been host to several of the students working on this project. Nathan Woods, a PhD candidate in the lab, was the systems engineer in GoJett's first year. Sibylle Walter, another PhD candidate in the lab, is the lead propulsion engineer and Tim Jung served as an advisor to the project last year. Several of our affiliated students came to the lab through the GoJett project.

It is this partnership between project classes and individual laboratories at CU that brings these projects to new heights.