Instructions for Submitting and Managing Bulletin Posts

1. To submit a Buff Bulletin Post

All CU-Boulder employees and students with an active IdentiKey can submit a bulletin post. Just click on the Submit Bulletin tab in the right hand corner of the page:

Submit button highlight

2. Login page

You are required to use your CU Login Name and IdentiKey Password to access the submission form:

Buff Bulletin login page

IdentiKey Help:

Go to IdentiKey Accounts for more information and help.

Having problems logging in? Contact us:

3. Create a bulletin post

Once logged in, you will see the following submission form (descriptions below):

Create a bulletin posting

Description of form fields:

Title field (required): This is the title of your submission. There is a limit of 100 characters for the title.

Body field (required): This is for the full body text of your post. There is a limit of 550 characters for your post. Use the formatting tips in the gray box just below the Body field if you want to add: bold, italics, bullet lists, links, and paragraph spacing.

Contact name field (optional): Use this field for the name of the person or department users should contact for more information/questions. This field is optional and is not required to submit a post.

Contact email field (optional): Use for a contact email address users can contact for more information/questions. This field is optional and is not required to submit a post. You do not need to use this field in conjunction with the contact name or website field.

Website field (optional): Use this field to place the URL address of a website with more information regarding your post. This field is optional and is not required to submit a post. We encourage you to use this field instead of placing the URL in your boby text.

Audience check box (required): You must select an audience for your post. Please select all that apply.

Category check box (required): You will need to select a general category that your post fits under. You can select all that apply to your post. If you are having problems finding a category, you can email us at to submit a request.

Photo upload (optional): We encourage you to add a photo to your post to help add visual appeal. The file must be less than 32 MB and sized to 300 x 300 px for best viewing results.

Inappropriate or off-topic images will cause your entry to be rejected. Please make sure you have the rights to use the image you select. Visit for a wide variety of pre-approved campus images.

Desired publication date (required): Select the date you prefer your post to be published. Every effort will be made to accommodate requested dates, but the bulletin board editors reserve the right to use editorial discretion regarding publish dates.

Save as Draft:

Use this option to save but NOT submit your post. Use this if you plan to come back and re-edit the entry before submitting.

Submit for Review:

You MUST click on Submit for Review to officially send your post to the moderator and put it in publishing queue. If you leave in draft mode your post is not considered submitted.

Managing your bulletin posts: My Submissions

The My Submission tab is used to manage and edit all your bulletin posts, whether you have one or many. This is where you can find posts you started but Saved as Draft, or have Submitted for Review, or ones that have been Published, or Denied by the Buff Bulletin Editors.

The screen shot below shows you four different posts in the different states:

My Submissions


A list of your posts that have been Submitted for Review and are in queue awaiting approval from the bulletin editor. Once the editor has approved and selected for Publish, the post will move to the publish table. The editor receives an email when you Submit for Review which prompts the review queue.


A list of your posts that have been approved and published on the Buff Bulletin Board. You will receive an email once a post has been approved and published.


A list of posts you have saved as drafts. You will need to Submit for Review before they will be placed in the review queue.


A list of posts that have been denied by the Bulletin Editor. You will receive an email with an explanation from the editor if a post has been denied. You will be able to edit and re-submit for review.

Editing Your Bulletin Post(s)

Go to the My Submissions tab to find and edit your post. You can edit your post in any of the four different status modes:

  • Draft mode: You can edit and save your posts as many times as you like before submitting. It will always stay in draft mode until you click Submit for Review.
  • Submit for Review mode: Once you Submit for Review, your post goes into a queue to be reviewed and approved by the bulletin editor. If you need to make further changes to your posting, you can "edit" it, at which point, you can either Save as Draft, which removes it from the review queue or simply Submit for Review again. Once you click Submit for Review your post enters the review queue once again.
  • Published mode: If your post is already published on the Bulletin Board and you decide you need to make an edit, you may do so. If you decide to edit, you can either Save as Draft which completely removes your posting from the site, or Submit for Review. When you submit for review, your post enters the review queue to be approved and published. It is not automatically re-published. In addition, upon resubmitting it will change the post date to the new current publish date - bringing your post back to the forefront of the Buff Bulletin.
  • Denied mode: If your post has been denied, you have the option to edit and Save as Draft or Submit for Review. When you Submit for Review, it goes back in to the review queue to be approved and published.
  • Delete: If you click on the delete button, this will permanently remove your post. There will be no way to recover a post once you have deleted it.

How to edit:

Go to My Submissions and you can either click on the title of your post or the edit link. See example:

Edit link example

When you click on the title you will go to a page with the full posting. You can use the Edit link on the righthand side to edit the post:

Draft mode

Example of a post in Edit view. You can edit any of the fields items on the post. In addition, you can Save as Draft, Submit to Review or even Delete:

Post Edit Mode

Multiple Bulletin Posts

Once you have logged into the system, you can create multiple Bulletin posts by using the Submit Bulletin button in the top right. After you have either Saved as Draft, or Submitted for Review, you can access your posts under My Submissions.


For security reasons, please be sure to log out of the Buff Bulletin Board once you have finished working on your posts.


Your post will automatically be archived by the Year, Month, Date it was posted. If you edit a post that has been archived and Submit for Review again, it goes through the review queue, and when published, will take on the new Publish date. If you want to keep an archive version with the original post date, we recommend you create a brand new bulletin post.