Helvetica Neue Font Family

Font SampleTypography is an essential part of our personality. It helps unify our materials and promotes familiarity with our messaging.

Our typeface is Helvetica Neue, a classic sans serif face: simple, modern, and elegant. The openness and geometry of its form make it highly legible. It works equally well for display type and body copy.

Helvetica Neue is recommended for use as the featured typeface in all University of Colorado Boulder communications. In the absence of Helvetica Neue, the Arial type family is an acceptable substitute.

For more information on Helvetica Neue, please read Monotype Imaging’s Helvetica: Old and Neue.

To purchase the font, please either visit Linotype.com or fonts.com.

Primary Colors

Color is an important part of our visual system.

Specific signature colors are combined to create a unique signature for the University of Colorado Boulder.

To maintain consistency in our visual identity system, it is essential to reproduce our colors accurately. Always follow the CMYK, RGB, and web/hex values shown on this page.

Other colors may be used in CU Boulder communications as accents in support of the primary color palette on this page. All communications, however, should feature the specific colors specified on this page in order to ensure consistency and build recognition of the CU Boulder visual identity.

CU Gold

CU Gold

C0 M10 Y48 K22
(or PANTONE® 4525 C)
R207 G184 B124

CU Black


C0 M0 Y0 K100
R0 G0 B0

CU Dark Gray

CU Dark Gray

C38 M28 Y21 K63
(or PANTONE® 425 C )
R86 G90 B92

CU Light Gray

CU Light Gray

C16 M11 Y11 K29
(or PANTONE® 422 C)
R162 G164 B163