Be Boulder.

Be Boulder.™ is a messaging platform that celebrates the potential and achievements of CU Boulder students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and supporters.

Why did we develop it?

CU Boulder recognizes the need to rally our community around a single idea that expresses the opportunities we enable, the outcomes we achieve and our collective value to the communities we serve. In that interest, a team representing key communicators and leaders on campus collaborated with a national design firm to develop Be Boulder.

What does it mean?

Be Boulder. describes how we collectively encourage each member of our community to reach their potential and to be their best through an extraordinary range of challenging academic, research and service opportunities.

  • Be innovative.
    We celebrate the unique programs, accomplishments and entrepreneurial efforts of our community.
  • Be successful.
    We encourage the collective success stories of our students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and supporters.
  • Be driven.
    We continuously seek new and better ways to deliver on our academic, research and service mission.
  • Be together.
    We're proud of our connections to the city of Boulder and to communities across the state of Colorado.

How does it work?

Be Boulder. was developed as a supporting brand platform that demonstrates the positive outcomes we achieve and the bold, entrepreneurial spirit of our university. It is expressed through real stories and facts that stem from the actual experiences of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and supporters.

How much did it cost?

Be Boulder. sample conceptNo "new money" was spent to develop the platform. Instead, we took the ongoing budget for the university's existing central marketing efforts (historically used to buy airport signage, radio spots, and a web banner ad campaign) and applied it to the development of Be Boulder. 

How does this relate to the campus brand identity?

Be Boulder. builds upon CU Boulder's existing visual identity and provides a common framework for how we communicate our value. It is a supporting brand platform, and it will become the guiding theme for how we tell our story to the world. 

Where will I see it?

Be Boulder. was first seen on the CU Boulder website, via campus communications channels and in locations around campus beginning in November 2013. Since then it has been adopted by dozens of campus units and affiliates and is now utilized in thousands of CU Boulder print, web and social media communications each year.

Where can I download the Be Boulder. graphics?

The Be Boulder. graphic package is provided to units after attending a workshop.

Be Boulder.™ is a trademark of the Regents of the University of Colorado.