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Fees By Unit/Department

Unit/Department Fund Type of Fee(1)
Capital Construction Aux Academic Facilities
Anthropology GF Course
APAS GF Course
Applied Math GF Course
Architecture and Planning, course GF Course
EBIO GF Course
Engineering, course GF Course
Geography GF Course
Journalism, course GF Course
Museum GF Course
Psychology GF Course
Religious Studies GF Course
SLHS GF Course
ALTEC GF Program
Architecture and Planning, program GF Program
Art and Art History GF Program
ATLAS GF Program
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences GF Program
Business Career Services GF Program
Chemistry GF Program
Communication GF Program
Economics GF Program
Engineering Excellence GF Program
Engineering, program  GF Program
English Creative Writing GF Program
Film Studies GF Program
Geology GF Program
German and Slavic GF Program
IPHY (Kinesiology) GF Program
Journalism, program GF Program
Law Clinic GF Program
Law Graduation GF Program
Law Student Services GF Program
Linguistics  GF Program
MCDB GF Program
Music GF Program
Physics GF Program
all Residential Academic Programs GF Program
Theater and Dance GF Program
Writing and Rhetoric GF Program
(E-Center) RTD Bus Pass Aux Student Activity
Arts and Cultural Enrichment GF Student Activity
Athletics Aux Student Activity
Career Services GF Student Activity
CUSG Aux Student Activity
UGGS Aux Student Activity
A&S Asset GF Technology
OIT Student Computing GF Technology
SIS GF Technology

(1)The category represents the most common type of fee by department and there may be some departments that also have course fees in addition to program fees.

Last revision 05/04/16

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