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How do I Finance my Education?

As you consider college costs, we hope you'll explore the many resources we offer to help meet your financial needs and achieve your college goals. See below or visit our admissions scholarships and funding page for more details.

Esteemed Scholars Program
(Colorado residents)

CU-Boulderís Esteemed Scholars Program recognizes top Colorado resident students for their outstanding academic achievements. Students applying as freshmen for the fall semester are automatically considered for the scholarship program; no additional application is required. Go >

Presidential Scholars Program

The Chancellorís Achievement Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship are automatic consideration scholarships awarded to out-of-state students applying as freshman for the fall semester. Go >

Office of Financial Aid

Visit the Office of Financial Aid online for more detailed information on the process of applying for financial aid, college costs, types of aid, and more. Go >

How to Apply

To apply for financial aid, including loans, you will need to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate academic year. You can begin submitting the FAFSA on January 1. Be sure to list CU-Boulder on the application.

Priority Deadline: The priority deadline for financial aid consideration at CU-Boulder is March 1. After March 1, CU-Boulder continues to offer aid as long as funds are available.

Correcting Your FAFSA Application: If you've already completed the FAFSA but did not list CU-Boulder as one of your schools, you can submit a correction by going to the FAFSA website and adding CU-Boulder (federal school code 001370).

Year-round Opportunities: You may submit the FAFSA to apply for the federal Pell grant, federal Stafford loan or federal PLUS (parent) loan throughout the academic year.

Additional Opportunities

Colorado College Opportunity Fund (COF): Direct funding (technically not financial aid) provided by the State of Colorado to in-state undergraduate students. Discover more >

Federal Student Loans: These are available through the University. CU-Boulder is a direct lending institution in which the federal government lends funds directly to students and parents. More >

Work-Study: A need-based form of financial aid in which students earn their award by working at on- or off-campus jobs. A variety of jobs are available at competitive wages. Learn more >

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