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Managing Salary and Benefits Budgets

Recent legislation passed by the State legislature (C.R.S. 24-50-135, effective August 11, 2011) allows for the exemption of certain classified positions.In light of this new law, the campus Budget Office would like to encourage campus departments to align their salary budgets into the budget pools where salaries are charged, particularly if they have been or are planning to reclassify positions from classified to exempt.

General Fund Users

Aligning salary budgets into the proper pools is particularly important for departments with General Funded positions, because this information is used to determine salary pool funding; if your budgets are not in the proper pools, you may not receive the proper funding. If you reclass a position from classified to exempt, be sure to move the appropriate amount of salary budget from the classified salary budget pool account (405000) to the professional exempt salary budget pool account (402500).

Because the fringe benefits rates are the same for professional exempt and classified employees, you do not need to contribute further benefits funding when reclassing employees.

If continuing budget is being moved from non-salary budget pools (i.e., if an increase is given to a reclassed employee and the funding comes from operating budget), then the department must also contribute benefits budget according to the General Fund Benefits Policy. Further information can be found on the BFP web page.

Non General Fund Users

Departments with self-funded positions are responsible for providing the resources for salary increases. However, the Budget Office still recommends re-aligning salary budgets for any reclassed positions.

Fringe benefits outside the General Fund are charged directly to departments, so departments should also move the relevant benefits for any reclassed positions from the classified benefits budget account code (425000) to the professional exempt benefits budget account code (422500).

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