What is BFIS?

A BFIS student and host at graduation at CU-BoulderBoulder Friends of International Students is an organization sponsored by the University of Colorado that matches international students with host families in the Boulder area. Students do not live with hosts, but form relationships that last their stay and beyond. Potential hosts and students begin the program by filling out questionnaires to find out common interests. From these questionnaires, the BFIS matching coordinator pairs students and hosts for a semester to a year. Many times, hosts and students elect to continue the relationship after the initial yearlong match.

Hosts and students generally meet once or twice each month, for dinner, coffee, a movie, a family game night, hiking, skiing, or any number of Boulder activities. Many of our students come from China, India and Germany, though others travel from as far as Kuwait, Nigeria, Israel and Austria!


Boulder Friends of International Students, founded in 1955, is one of Boulder, Colorado's oldest volunteer organizations and is sponsored by the University of Colorado. BFIS is operated by a Board of Directors, a CU International Student and Scholar Services liaison and a student employee, who serves as the matching coordinator. To contact the matching coordinator, prospective students and hosts can e-mail bfis@colorado.edu.

BFIS in the News

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