Connecting International Students at CU with the Boulder Community

Welcome to BFIS!



Boulder Friends of International Students is an organization that builds friendships between international students at CU and Boulder community members to strengthen international understanding.

Boulderites: Did you just return from a fantastic family vacation to China and want to connect with Chinese people in the U.S.? Always wish you could meet people from all over the world but never have the chance to travel? BFIS is the program for you!

International students at CU: Need help settling in at Boulder? Interested in meeting new people? Looking to make friends with Americans outside of your classes? BFIS is for you!

BFIS Dinner Network, it’s just Dinner!

We often get feedback that potential host families and international students don’t sign up for BFIS because they are simply too busy. So the BFIS Board has decided to launch a new program in January 2012! It is the BFIS Dinner Network – a perfect solution for busy people since it is only a commitment of one evening!

How It Works:

  1. New Hosts: Please complete the application, making your selection of the following:
    1. Traditional BFIS arrangement, with a time commitment of a semester or year; and/or
    2. The BFIS Dinner Network, with a time commitment of only one dinner!
  2. Submit your application to BFIS Matching Coordinator (c/o ISSS, 123 UCB, Boulder, CO 80303 or fax, 303 492 5185 or drop it off at the Center for Community, Suite S355).
  3. Current BFIS Hosts: If you are a current BFIS host, then just send an email to, that you would like to be part of the BFIS Dinner Network.
  4. Matches will still be based on the hosts’ and student’s preferences, food restrictions, etc.
  5. The BFIS Matching Coordinator will notify both students and hosts when a match has been made.
  6. Hosts and students contact one another very soon after the match to arrange the in home dinner.
  7. Option: Hosts and students alike can have multiple dinner matches. They will need to email the BFIS Matching Coordinator to ask for another match.