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BFA Election, Spring 2005

Welcome! The BFA is conducting annual election. There are several positions available. You may make nominations for up to three types of positions:

Click HERE for a nomination form.

Note: nominees must be "general faculty with the following titles whose appointments are fifty-percent or more: professor, associate professor, assistant professor, senior instructor, instructor, scholar in residence, and artist in residence. Adjoint, attendant, clinical and research faculty with fifty-percent or more appointments in the above ranks...." are also eligible. (Laws of the Regents, 5.E.2 Faculty Senate).

After the nominating period a ballot will be produced and distributed to all members of the Boulder Faculty Senate. Please submit nominations by Monday, March 7, 2005. Nominations may be sent via campus mail to Campus Box 46, e-mailed to or hand-delivered to the BFA office, room 1B57, Regent Hall.

Terms officially begin July 1, the first day of the 2004-2005 senate year.

The Boulder Faculty Assembly is the representative body for faculty governance on the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado. Representatives are elected from academic units and from faculty at-large. The Boulder Faculty Assembly representatives of academic units (departments, schools and colleges, libraries, museum, and ROTC) are nominated and elected by the full-time faculty senate members of the academic unit they represent. No more than two (2) members of any department, division, or program may serve at any one time as voting members of the Boulder Faculty Assembly. All Boulder campus faculty who are members of the faculty senate are eligible to serve. This includes professors, associate professors, assistant professors, professors emeritus, and full-time instructors after two years in the rank at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

All nominating letters or forms must be signed by one or more members of the Senate, and the nominee must also sign, indicating his or her agreement to accept the position if elected. Faculty members who agree to be nominated by their colleagues should keep in mind that elected members to the Assembly have the responsibility to be present at monthly Boulder Faculty Assembly meetings, which are scheduled to be held during the academic year on the first Thursday of each month from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Following the nominating period, ballots listing candidates for election by academic units and at-large will be prepared and provided to faculty in appropriate units. Ballots must, according to BFA By-laws, be returned to the BFA office in any envelope on which the voting member signs across the seal of the envelope and prints his/her name and the name of his/her academic unit. Ballots that do not meet these requirements shall be declared to be invalid.

Nomination forms must be returned to:
The Boulder Faculty Assembly Office
CB 046, Regent 1B57
Fax 492-1307
by Monday, March 7, 2005

Contact: Martha Shernick, BFA Administrator 492-6271

Thank you for your participation!

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